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Introduction to Research Methods

Introduction to Research Methods
A Hands-on Approach

Second Edition
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November 2022 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Second Edition of Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands-On Approach by Bora Pajo continues to make research easy to understand and easy to construct. Covering both quantitative and qualitative methods, this new edition lays out the differences between research approaches so readers can better understand when and how to use each research design. Through clear, simple, and even humorous prose, this text offers students a straightforward introduction to a new world of social science research. Rather than making research seem intimidating, Introduction to Research Methods shows students that research is an ongoing conversation concerning topics that matter in their lives, a conversation that's easy to understand and easy to join. The new edition features updated chapters on qualitative designs and qualitative data analysis, a new chapter on big data and digital methods, and updated citation and report styles for APA Style 7th Edition.

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Chapter 1: The Purpose of Research
Chapter 2: Formulating a Research Question
Chapter 3: Researching and Writing the Literature Review
Chapter 4: Quantitative Designs
Chapter 5: Measurement Errors, Reliability, Validity
Chapter 6: Sampling
Chapter 7: Data Collection for Quantitative Research
Chapter 8: Secondary Data
Chapter 9: Entering and Organizing Quantitative Data
Chapter 10: Analyzing Quantitative Data
Chapter 11: Qualitative Designs and Data Collection
Chapter 12: Entering, Coding, and Analyzing Qualitative Data
Chapter 13: Results and Discussion
Chapter 14: Presenting Your Research
Chapter 15: Big Data


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Introduction to Research Methods is an excellent resource for students and instructors alike. With readable text in an approachable tone, it effectively covers the breadth of topics related to research methods. Its lucidity is stellar.”

Spencer James
Brigham Young University

Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands-on Approach is highly relevant to the work my undergraduate students do and is delivered at a level they can follow. It does a great job of presenting complex information in an easy-to-understand format. At the graduate level, I could see this text serving as a primary read but then supplementing with more complex articles/chapters. Accessibility of the content is a core strength of this text. It makes in-depth content easy to follow for the novice researcher, while at the same time is engaging enough to not be bland for those with research experience. Overall, this text reads as a road map for how to conduct ethical research and provides the necessary step-by-step instructions on how to be successful during the research process.”

Andrew C. Tollison
Merrimack College

Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands-on Approach is an excellent text that presents research methods in an easy-to-understand way with examples that foster critical thinking."

James W. Beeks
University of Phoenix

“The hands-on, practical approach to Pajo’s Introduction to Research Methods is a huge key strength.”

Joseph Stabb, PhD
APR – SUNY Oswego
Key features
  • This new edition is available as a digital option through SAGE Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that offers auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools—including video—all designed to enable students to better prepare for class. Learn more.
  • A new chapter on Big Data offers a window into the possibilities of what social scientists are accomplishing in the world of machine learning and the endless possibilities of data visualization. It familiarizes students with current and future opportunities in social and behavioral science.
  • A completely revised chapter on qualitative designs and data collection illustrates how qualitative designs fit within scientific research methods by emphasizing similarities and identifying differences.
  • Updated research examples and visuals reflect current studies in a variety of interdisciplinary fields.
  • APA Style 7th Edition is used throughout the book so students see and practice the latest citation styles.
  • A conversational and jargon-free writing style brings the relevance of research to life.
  • Research in Action features illustrate real, annotated research examples, giving students the skills to read and interpret research they may encounter in their everyday lives.
  • Research Workshop features offer step-by-step help on practical topics that extend beyond the chapter to provide hands-on tips for students conducting their own research.
  • Ethical Considerations within each chapter address different aspects of research to emphasize ethics as an integral part of the research conversation.
  • Chapter pedagogy includes summaries, key terms, photos, and “Taking It a Step Further” questions to extend understanding and application of text concepts.
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