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Discovering Public Relations

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1. Table of Contents

2. Chapter 1: An Introduction to Public Relations

3. Chapter 3: Ethics and the Law

4. Chapter 4: Diversity and Inclusion

Discovering Public Relations transforms students into successful PR professionals by coaching them to think creatively, innovate effectively, and deploy research-based tactics for strategic campaigns. Building a bridge between academic and industry perspectives, social media scholar Karen Freberg presents the principles of PR and contemporary PR practices, and explains how innovation is crucial to effective PR planning and strategy. Understanding that creativity alone can’t build success, Freberg shows students how to implement evidence-based practices to guide their strategic campaigns by building the text around the guidelines in the “Commission for Public Relations Education” report. With a strong focus on social media, ethics, and diversity, Discovering Public Relations guides students through the field of PR in a modern and practical way that prepares them for the workplace today.




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