Investigating the Social World

Investigating the Social World
The Process and Practice of Research

Ninth Edition
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January 2018 | SAGE Publications, Inc


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Key features


  • Chapters have been reorganized into four sections: Foundations of Social Research, Fundamentals of Social Research, Basic Social Research Designs, and Advanced Social Research Designs
  • New coverage of  big data, social network analysis, and policy research has been added in keeping with the latest trends in the discipline 
  • New Careers in Research boxes illustrate the applications of research and its results in different careers
  • New chapter-opening Research That Matters vignettes discuss recent research that set the stage for each chapter’s contents, aided by questions for students and a link to the article where the research is reported
  • Coverage of researchers’ use of technology has been updated throughout to reflect increased attention to online research (using both qualitative and quantitative approaches), visual methods, expanded use of web-based surveys, and growing reliance on smart phones and social media
  • A new chapter on mixed methods has been included 
  • Research examples, including Research in the News examples, have been fully updated throughout to ensure currency and timeliness
  • The text’s strong focus on ethics continues with additional examples of research ethics, IRB review processes, and ethical challenges in qualitative research
  • International examples have been added and expanded to help broaden readers’ perspectives
  • A new interactive eBook version of the 8th edition provides greater flexibility for both students and instructors to quickly access online resources that directly relate to each chapter’s content


  • The engaging, conversational, and student-friendly writing style invites readers to discover the value of research for understanding social issues and how technique and substance are intimately related
  • The author addresses ethical concerns and ethical decision making in tandem with each study of specific methods 
  • SAGE journal articles, Careers in Research features, and Research in the News vignettes illustrate the methods and pose questions for discussion 
  • Instructor guides for critiquing research articles, exercises for applying research skills, and examples of analyzing and reporting social data provide key supports for effective teaching
  • End-of-chapter discussion questions, research proposal development exercises, and SPSS exercises help measure and enhance student understanding 
  • The complete SAGE edge suite of online, open-access student ancillaries, including journal articles, self-quizzes, electronic flashcards, interactive exercises (with many that link to SAGE journal articles), and video clips of researchers discussing the use of particular techniques, help enhance students’ learning experience

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