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Jammu and Kashmir: 1990 and Beyond

Jammu and Kashmir: 1990 and Beyond
Competitive Politics in the Shadow of Separatism

First Edition
  • Rekha Chowdhary - Former Professor of Political Science at University of Jammu, India

April 2019 | 328 pages | SAGE India

Jammu and Kashmir: 1990 and Beyond aims to provide a comprehensive presentation of the politics of Jammu and Kashmir from 1990 right up to the current times. The book begins with the history of the state from the time of its accession to India to the onset of separatism and militancy around 1989. It covers the upheavals experienced due to militancy and the major shifts in the state’s competitive politics. The book provides complete coverage and analysis of each election since 1996 with extensive electoral data—across the state and region-wise. It highlights the success of democratic politics in the period 2002–2014, principally due to effective separation of the democratic sphere of ‘politics of governance’ and the separatist sphere of ‘politics of conflict resolution’.

This is the second book in the SAGE Series on Politics in Indian States, which comprises volumes covering important trends in the politics of major states of India since the 1990s. The series situates the state politics in the larger socio-historical context and presents a detailed analysis of the significant patterns of competitive politics in the state in the light of the rise of new social forces and changing political economy.

Series Note
The Background to the State Politics of Jammu and Kashmir: The Context of Conflict
State of Jammu and Kashmir: Internal Complexity
Politics of Separatism: 1989–2010
The Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits
Restoration of Democracy in Separatist Context of Kashmir
Competitive Politics in Jammu and Kashmir
Governance in Jammu and Kashmir
Interregional Relations and Politics of Jammu and Ladakh Since 1990
Democracy and Politics of Separatism in Kashmir: 2014 and After
Key features
• The book highlights the several ways in which Jammu and Kashmir was politically alienated from India prior to the onset of militancy. 

• It points out the differences in the historical, social and economic contexts of the three regions comprising the state and the consequent differences in their political outlook. 

• The book focuses on the new social forces that impacted Jammu and Kashmir’s political economy. 

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