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Jobs and Economic Development

Jobs and Economic Development
Strategies and Practice

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April 1998 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"Job-centered economic development" integrates approaches from the fields of economic development, employment training, social services, and community development, making access to good jobs a primary outcome. Its strategies focus on connecting disadvantaged adults and youth to family-supporting jobs in their neighborhoods, cities, and regional economies, and ensuring that those jobs are sustainable, providing the basis for long-term careers. Workable policies and practices for job-centered economic development are vitally important to agencies responsible for implementing welfare reform and workforce policy reform. It is a key element of the emerging "new federalism" in U.S. government, and therefore a development strategy critical to the future success of state and local governments.

The collection of perspectives in Jobs and Economic Development combines an understanding of today's labor market with evaluations of current approaches to poverty alleviation. Case studies of successful jobs projects illustrate the ingredients needed for effective programs while also identifying the key factors related to program replication and bringing workforce innovations to scale. Finally, the book explores and documents the role of community organizing to bring about effective workforce development, the challenges for evaluators as they seek to understand the impact of these jobs projects, and how the politics of jobs plays out at the local and state levels.

Norman B Rice
Jobs - The Real Goal

Robert P Giloth
Jobs and Economic Development
Bennett Harrison and Marcus Weiss
Labor Market Restructuring and Workforce Development
The Changing Dynamics of Earnings, Job Security, and Training Opportunities in the United States

Elizabeth J Mueller and Alex Schwartz
Why Local Economic Development and Employment Training Fail for Low-Income Communities
Laura Dresser and Joel Rogers
Networks, Sectors and Workforce Learning
Brian Bosworth
Regional Economic Analysis To Support Job Development Strategies
Peggy Clark and Amy J Kays
Labor Market Profiling
Case Studies of Information-Gathering Techniques for Employment Projects

Steven L Dawson
Start-Ups and Replication
Lorenzo D Harrison
Ready for Work
The Story of STRIVE

Janice M Nittoli and Robert P Giloth
New Careers Revisited
Paraprofessional Job Creation for Low-Income Communities

Thomas R Dewar
Community Analysis and Organizing for Jobs
Pierre Clavel and Karen Westmont
The Politics of Jobs in Maine
Brenda A Lautsch and Paul Osterman
Changing the Constraints
A Successful Employment Training Strategy

Robert P Giloth
Prospects for Job-Centered Economic Development

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