Journal of Marketing Education

Journal of Marketing Education

Donald R. Bacon University of Denver, USA

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eISSN: 15526550 | ISSN: 02734753 | Current volume: 39 | Current issue: 1 Frequency: 3 Times/Year

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The Journal of Marketing Education is the leading international scholarly journal publishing articles on the latest techniques in marketing education, emphasizing new course content and effective teaching methods. The journal also addresses such professional issues as development of the curriculum, career development and the state of the profession.

The Journal of Marketing Education provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and experiences related to the process of educating students of marketing and advertising.

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The Journal of Marketing Education is the leading international scholarly journal devoted to contemporary issues in marketing education. Its mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and experiences related to the process of educating students in marketing and its subfields. Its audience is largely composed of marketing faculty members at institutions of higher education where teaching is an integral component of their overall responsibilities.

The main function of the Journal of Marketing Education is to publish articles focusing on the latest teaching/learning strategies and tactics in marketing education. The journal also publishes articles that address various professional issues of importance to marketing faculty members. The readership of the Journal of Marketing Education is international in scope with significant representation in university libraries.

Donald R. Bacon University of Denver, USA
Associate Editors
Victoria Crittenden Babson University
James W. Peltier University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, USA
Michelle D. Steward Wake Forest University
Mark Young Winona State University
Editorial Board
David Ackerman California State University, Northridge, USA
Abdul Ali Babson College, USA
Ramon A. Avila Ball State University, USA
Andy Aylesworth Bentley College
Laurie Babin The University of Louisiana at Monroe
Terri Feldman Barr Miami University, USA
Sharon E. Beatty University of Alabama
George Belch San Diego State University, California
Les Carlson Clemson University, USA
Kenneth Chapman California State University, Chico
Larry B. Chonko The University of Texas at Arlington
Irvine "Bud" Clark III James Madison University
Dennis E. Clayson University of Northern Iowa, USA
Shannon Cummins University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
John R. Dickinson University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Andrea Dixon Baylor University
Angela R. Dobele RMIT University, Australia
O. C. Ferrell Belmont University, USA
Howard Forman California State University, Fullerton, USA
John P. Fraedrich Southern Illinois University, USA
Lynne Freeman University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Gregory Gazda University of San Diego
Neil Granitz California State University, Fullerton, USA
Luke Greenacre University of South Australia, Australia
Dwayne D. Gremler Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Dennis Guseman CSU San Marcos
Kevin Gwinner Kansas State University, USA
Debra Haley Southeastern Oklahoma State University
David E. Hansen Texas Southern University
Robert S. Heiser University of Southern Maine
Daire Hooper Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
H. Rika Houston California State University, Los Angeles
Mark Houston Texas A&M University, USA
Minna-Maarit Jaskari University of Vaasa, Finland
Colin Jevons Monash University, Australia
Fahri Karakaya University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, USA
Gary L. Karns Seattle Pacific University
Karen Norman Kennedy University of Alabama at Birmingham
Stephen Koernig DePaul University
Bodo Lang University of Auckland Business School, Auckland, New Zealand
William J. Lundstrom Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
Michael R. Luthy Bellarmine University
Carlo Mari University of Molise, Italy
Jeffrey Meyer Bowling Green State University, USA
William C. Moncrief Texas Christian University, Fort Worth
Keith B. Murray Bryant College
William T. Neese Troy University
Wayne Neu California State University San Marcos
Sarath A. Nonis Arkansas State University
Sak Onkvisit San Jose State University, USA
Angela Paladino The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ed Petkus Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, NJ
Susan M. Petroshius Bowling Green State University
Leyland Pitt Simon Fraser University, Canada
Michael Jay Polonsky Deakin University
Stephen P. Ramocki Rhode Island College
James Reardon University of Northern Colorado
Janelle Rose James Cook University, Queensland, Australia
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
Jack Schibrowsky University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Anusorn Singhapakdi Old Dominion University, USA
Denise T. Smart Texas State University, San Marcos
George S. Spais Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
Harlan Spotts Western New England College
Kimberly Taylor Florida International University
L.P. Douglas Tseng Portland State University
Stuart Van Auken Florida Gulf Coast University
Marc G. Weinberger University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
Charles M. Wood University of Tulsa
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  • To expedite initial consideration of your manuscript, please prepare and submit it according to the following guidelines.

    Manuscripts are considered for publication only if they have not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere and are not concurrently being reviewed for publication elsewhere. Publication of a one-page abstract of the manuscript in conference proceedings will not preclude consideration for publication in the Journal of Marketing Education.

    Manuscript Length and Evaluation Criteria

    Manuscripts ordinarily should be between 4,000 and 7,000 words (15 to 30 pages), plus appropriate references, tables, and other supporting materials. Authors should strive for conciseness, readability, and a high density of contribution per page.

    Manuscripts are (double blind) judged using the following seven criteria:

    1. Overall contribution to the marketing education literature
    2. Significance of the topic to marketing education
    3. Adequacy of literature review
    4. Conceptual rigor
    5. Content organization
    6. Writing quality
    7. Strength of implications

    Empirical manuscripts are also judged on methodological appropriateness and rigor, data analysis quality, and presentation of results and outcomes.

    Style Guidelines

    All manuscripts published in the Journal of Marketing Education must follow citation and reference style guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA). It is in the author’s best interest to submit a manuscript already using this style.

    The entire manuscript, including references, should be double-spaced. Use only standard 12-point type. Place the sections of the manuscript in the following order: title page with abstract (150-200 words), body, appendices, reference list, tables, exhibits, maps, and figures. Begin each section on a new page. All pages should be numbered.

    Use standard author-date citations within the text. Note with item number and title where tables, exhibits, and so on should appear in the body of the text (e.g., between two paragraphs: Table 1—Respondent Characteristics).

    Neither the names(s) nor the university affiliation(s) of the author(s) should appear anywhere in the manuscript or be easily deciphered. This is necessary to preserve the blind review process.

    Submitting Manuscripts

    The Journal of Marketing Education uses an online submission system that requires two files. One file should include the manuscript and all its tables, figures, and so on. This file must not contain any information that would identify the author(s). The second file is the cover page, including the manuscript’s title and author information (including affiliations). Submit both documents through These documents must not be submitted via email.

    Manuscript Review Procedures

    Manuscripts are normally desk reviewed by the editor and acknowledged within 1 week of receipt. If the manuscript passes this desk review, they are forwarded to three reviewers for a formal evaluation. Those reviews are usually completed within 8 weeks. Authors of nonrejected manuscripts can expect an invitation to make and submit either a major or minor revision. Major revisions are returned to the original three reviewers, whereas minor revisions may or may not be sent to them depending on the editor’s judgment. All accepted manuscripts are currently being published within 1 year of acceptance. At the present time, the Journal publishes approximately one in four manuscripts received for review.


    The Journal of Marketing Education copyrights all published material, and the publisher reserves future use rights. (This does not limit authors’ rights to use their own material.)

    Permission to Use & Reproduce Copyrighted Material in Your Article

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