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Journal of Disability Policy Studies

Journal of Disability Policy Studies

2018 Impact Factor: 0.854
2018 Ranking: 56/69 in Rehabilitation (SSCI)
Source: Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2019)

Mitchell Yell University of South Carolina, USA
James G. Shriner University of Illinois, USA
Associate Editors
Michael Rozalski Binghamton University, USA
David E. Barrett Clemson University, USA

eISSN: 15384802 | ISSN: 10442073 | Current volume: 30 | Current issue: 2 Frequency: Quarterly

Addresses compelling variable issues in ethics, policy and law related to individuals with disabilities. Regular features include "From My Perspective," which discusses issues confronting a particular disability discipline or area, and "Point/Counterpoint" which addresses timely ethical issues affecting individuals with disabilities.

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The Journal of Disability Policy Studies addresses compelling, variable issues in ethics, policy, and law related to individuals with disabilities. A major focus is quantitative and qualitative policy research. Articles have implications in fields such as education, law, sociology, public health, family studies, medicine, social work, and public administration. Occasional special series discuss current problems or areas needing more in-depth research, for example, disability and aging, policy concerning families of children with disabilities, oppression and disability, school violence policies and interventions, and systems change in supporting individuals with disabilities.

Consulting Editors
R. Allan Allday University of Kentucky, USA
Paul M. A. Baker Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
James Bellini Syracuse University, USA
M. Renee Bradley U.S. Office of Special Education Programs, USA
Kevin P. Brady University of Arkansas, USA
Meghan Burke Illinois Wesleyan University
Renee Cameto SRI International, USA
Li-Ju Chen Chang Gung University
Christine A. Christle University of South Carolina, USA
Terrye Conroy University of South Carolina, USA
Vivian Correa University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Jean Crockett University of Florida, USA
Jeanne E. Danneker Winona State University, USA
Sharon deFur College of William and Mary, USA
Eleni Didaskalou University of Thessaly, Greece
Erik Drasgow University of South Carolina, USA
Liesel Ebersohn University of Pretoria, South Africa
Susan K. Etscheidt University of Northern Iowa, USA
Mary Evans University of South Florida, USA
Nicholas Gage University of Florida, USA
Iddo Gal, Ph.D University of Haifa, Israel
Beth Handler University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Kelly Henderson George Mason University, Australia
David Hill University of New York, USA
Daniel Holland The Neurobehavior Center of Minnesota, USA
Andrew Houtenville University of New Hampshire, USA
Hsien-Yuan Hsu National Taiwan Normal University
Song Ju Texas A&M University, USA
Antonis Katsiyannis Clemson University, USA
Jae Kennedy Washington State University, Spokane, USA
Dongil Kim Seoul National University, South Korea
Nancy Koroloff Portland State University, USA
Larry Kortering Appalachian State University, USA
Leena Jo Landmark Sam Houston State University, USA
Timothy J. Lewis University of Missouri, USA
Kun Liu East China Normal University, China
Mickey Losinski Kansas State University, USA
K. Alisa Lowrey University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Sara Mackiewicz Clemson University, USA
David Mank Indiana University, USA
Dale Matusevich Exceptional Children Resources
Anjali Misra SUNY at Potsdam, USA
David Mitchell University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Sophie Mitra Fordham University, USA
Nancy R. Mudrick Syracuse University, USA
Sean M. Murphy Weill Cornell Medicine, USA
Shelly L. Neilsen Gatti University of St. Thomas, USA
Insoo Oh Ewha Womans University, South Korea
Amanda Reichard University of New Hampshire, USA
Chad A. Rose University of Missouri, USA
Harvey A. Rude University of Northern Colorado, USA
Richard K. Scotch University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Carl R. Smith Iowa State University, USA
Judy Smith-Davis IRIS Center, Fairfax Station, VA, USA
David Stapleton Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Doyle Stevick University of South Carolina, USA
Martha L. Thurlow University of Minnesota–Minneapolis
Khoa Truong Clemson University, USA
Andrea L. Vick University of Toronto, Canada
Mian Wang University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Jade Wexler University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Glen W. White University of Kansas, USA
Kendra Williams-Diehm University of Oklahoma, USA
Sheng Xu Chongqing Normal University, China
Juhye Yook Korea Nazarene University, South Korea
Dake Zhang Rutgers University, USA
Dalun Zhang Texas A&M University, USA
Perry A. Zirkel Lehigh University, USA
Nina Zuna University of Texas at Austin, USA
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    Dr. Antonis Katsiyannis
    Clemson University
    Eugene T. Moore School of Education
    College of Health, Education, and Human Development
    407 C Tillman Hall
    Clemson, South Carolina 29634-0715
    Fax: 864.656.1322

    Dr. Mitchell Yell
    University of South Carolina
    Department of Educational Studies
    Wardlaw 235G
    Columbia, South Carolina 29208
    Fax: 803.777.2824

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