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Remedial and Special Education

Remedial and Special Education

eISSN: 15384756 | ISSN: 07419325 | Current volume: 42 | Current issue: 6 Frequency: Bi-monthly

Offers interdisciplinary articles that bridge the gap between theory and practice involving the education of individuals for whom typical instruction is not effective. Articles include topical reviews, syntheses of research, field evaluation studies, and recommendations for practice of remedial and special education.

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Remedial and Special Education (RASE) is devoted to the discussion of issues involving the education of persons for whom typical instruction is not effective. Emphasis is on research, systematic reviews, and discussion papers that have compelling implications for the practice of remedial and special education. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, definition, identification, assessment, characteristics, management, and instruction of underachieving and exceptional children, youth, and adults; related services; family involvement; service delivery systems; legislation; litigation; and professional standards and training. Manuscripts should have clear and explicit implications for educational practice.

Kathleen Lynne Lane University of Kansas, USA
Karrie A. Shogren University of Kansas, USA
Associate Editors
Brian Barger Georgia State University, USA
Erin Barton Vanderbilt University, USA
Elizabeth Bettini Boston University, USA
Emily C. Bouck Michigan State University, USA
Matthew Brock Ohio State University, USA
Jason C. Chow University of Maryland - College Park, USA
Eric Alan Common University of Michigan-Flint, USA
Bryan G. Cook University of Virginia, USA
Ginevra R. Courtade University of Louisville, USA
Robin Parks Ennis University of Alabama - Birmingham, USA
Kara Hume University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA
Wendy Machalicek University of Oregon, USA
Daniel M. Maggin University of Illinois - Chicago, USA
Wendy Peia Oakes Arizona State University, USA
Corey Peltier University of Oklahoma, USA
Carly Roberts University of Washington, USA
LaRon Scott Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Emily J. Solari University of Virginia, USA
Audrey A. Trainor New York University, USA
Consulting Editors
Stephanie Al Otaiba Southern Methodist University, USA
Abigail Allen Clemson University, USA
David Allsopp University of South Florida, USA
Jeffrey Anderson Indiana University, USA
Kevin M. Ayres University of Georgia, USA
Scott K. Baker University of Oregon, USA
Aydin Bal University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Jamie Basham University of Kansas, USA
Kwang-Sun Cho Blair University of South Florida, USA
Nelson Brunsting Wake Forest University, USA
Diane Bryant The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Todd W. Busch University of St. Thomas, USA
Douglas E. Carothers Florida Gulf Coast University, USA
Lindy Crawford Texas Christian University, USA
Lisa Dieker University of Central Florida, USA
Tina Dyches Brigham Young University, USA
Stacy Dymond University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Anya Evmenova George Mason University, USA
Gregory A. Fabiano Florida International University, USA
Kim W. Fisher University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, USA
Margaret Flores Auburn University, USA
Joseph Calvin Gagnon University of Helsinki, Finland
Jennifer Ganz Texas A&M University, USA
Michael F. Giangreco University of Vermont, USA
Allison Gilmour Temple University, USA
Megan Griffin University of New Mexico, USA
Pamela Harris Arizona State University
Juliet Hart Barnett Arizona State University, USA
Leanne S. Hawken University of Utah, USA
Brittany L. Hott University of Oklahoma, USA
David E. Houchins Georgia State University, USA
Bree A. Jimenez University of Texas-Arlington, USA
Asha Jitendra University of California, Riverside, USA
Laurice M. Joseph The Ohio State University, USA
Devin Kearns University of Connecticut, USA
Michael A. Kirkpatrick Landmark College, USA
Moira Konrad The Ohio State University, USA
Elizabeth B. Kozleski University of Kansas; Stanford University
Michael P. Krezmien University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Timothy J. Landrum University of Louisville, USA
Justin Lane University of Kentucky, USA
Erica Lembke University of Missouri, USA
Christopher J. Lemons Stanford University, USA
Tim Lewis University of Missouri, USA
Sylvia Linan-Thompson University of Oregon, USA
Blair P. Lloyd Vanderbilt University, USA
Troy Mariage Michigan State University, USA
Sarup R. Mathur Arizona State University, USA
James McLeskey University of Florida, USA
Stephanie Morano University of Virginia, USA
J. Ron Nelson University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA
Breda O'Keeffe University of Utah, USA
Kimberly Paulsen Vanderbilt University, USA
Brian Reichow University of Florida, USA
Jenny Root Florida State University, USA
David Royer University of Hawaii, USA
Joseph Ryan Clemson University, USA
Edward J. Sabornie North Carolina State University, USA
John Schaefer Cleveland State University, USA
Amy Scheuermann Minnesota State University - Mankato, USA
Brenda Scheuermann Texas State University, USA
Kathleen Strickland Cohen University of Oregon, USA
Lee H. Swanson University of New Mexico, USA
Elizabeth Talbott College of William and Mary, USA
Jason C. Travers University of Kansas, USA
Naomi Tyler Vanderbilt University, USA
John Umbreit University of Arizona, USA
Silvana M.R. Watson Old Dominion University, USA
Ellie L. Young Brigham Young University, USA
Kathleen Zimmerman University of Kansas, USA
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    Any questions should be directed to the editorial office:

    Dr. Kathleen Lynne Lane
    Co-Editor, Remedial and Special Education
    University of Kansas
    Department of Special Education (SPED)
    1122 West Campus Road
    JRP Room 541
    Lawrence, KS 66045

    Dr. Karrie Shogren
    Co-Editor, Remedial and Special Education
    University of Kansas
    Dept. of Special Education
    1122 West Campus Road
    JRP Room 522
    Lawrence, KS 66045-3101

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