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Judicial Process in America

Judicial Process in America

Eleventh Edition

Judicial Process

February 2019 | 584 pages | CQ Press
Known for shedding light on the link between the courts, public policy, and the political environment, the 11th edition of Judicial Process in America will provide a comprehensive overview of the American judiciary. Considering the courts from every level, the authors thoroughly cover judges, lawyers, litigants, and the variables at play in judicial decision making. Leading scholar of judicial process and behavior Lisa M. Holmes again joins the author team as they provide updated coverage of recent Supreme Court rulings, including same-sex marriage and health care subsidies; the effect of three women justices on the Court's patterns of decision; and the policy-making role of state tribunals as they consider an increasing number of state programs and policies.
Chapter 1. Foundations of Law in the United States
Definition of Law  
Sources of Law in the United States  
Types of Law  
Functions of Law  
The United States and the Rule of Law  
A Litigious Society  
Chapter 2. The Federal Judicial System
The Historical Context  
The U.S. Supreme Court  
The U.S. Courts of Appeals  
U.S. District Courts  
Constitutional Courts, Legislative Courts, and Courts of Specialized Jurisdiction  
Administrative and Staff Support in the Federal Judiciary  
Federal Court Workload  
Chapter 3. State Judicial Systems
Historical Development of State Courts  
State Court Organization  
Norm Enforcement in the State Courts  
The Courtroom Work Group  
Administrative Hearings in the States  
Policymaking in the State Courts  
Innovation in State Courts  
Administrative and Staff Support in the State Judiciary  
State Court Workload  
Chapter 4. Jurisdiction and Policymaking Boundaries
Federal Courts  
Jurisdiction of State Courts  
Jurisdiction and Legislative Politics  
Judicial Self-Restraint  
Chapter 5. State Judges
Qualifications and Backgrounds of State Judges  
The Selection Process for State Judges  
The Retirement and Removal of State Judges  
Chapter 6. Federal Judges
Background Characteristics of Federal Judges  
Formal and Informal Qualifications of Federal Judges  
The Federal Selection Process and Its Participants  
The Judicial Socialization Process  
The Retirement and Removal of Judges  
Chapter 7. Policy Links among the Citizenry, the President, and the Federal Judiciary
The President and the Composition of the Judiciary  
Presidents’ Values and Their Appointees’ Decisions  
President Barack Obama and Federal Judiciary  
Chapter 8. Lawyers, Litigants, and Interest Groups in the Judicial Process
Lawyers and the Legal Profession  
Development of the Legal Profession  
Growth and Stratification  
Government Attorneys in the Judicial Process  
Interest Groups in the Judicial Process  
Chapter 9. Crime and Procedures prior to a Criminal Trial
The Nature and Substance of Crime  
Categories of Crime  
Elements of a Crime  
Procedures prior to a Criminal Trial  
Chapter 10. The Criminal Trial and Its Aftermath
Procedures during a Criminal Trial  
Procedures after a Criminal Trial  
Chapter 11. The Civil Court Process
The Nature and Substance of Civil Law  
The Courts and Other Institutions Concerned with Civil Law  
The Civil Trial Process  
Chapter 12. Decision Making by Trial Court Judges
The Legal Subculture  
The Democratic Subculture  
The Subcultures as Predictors  
Chapter 13. Decision Making in Collegial Courts
Cue Theory  
Small-Group Analysis  
Attitude Theory  
Rational Choice Theory  
Practical Applications of These Four Approaches  
Chapter 14. Implementation and Impact of Judicial Policies
The Impact of Higher Court Decisions on Lower Courts  
Congressional Influences on the Implementation Process  
Executive Branch Influences on the Implementation Process  
Other Implementers  
The Impact of Judicial Policies  
Chapter 15. Policymaking by American Judges: A Synthesis
The Nature of the Case or Issue  
The Values and Orientations of the Judges  
The Nature of the Judicial Decision making Process  
The Impact of Extraneous Influences  

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