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Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency
Pathways and Prevention

First Edition

August 2018 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Part I: The Juvenile Justice System
Chapter 1: The Functioning of the Juvenile Justice System
Juvenile Courts  
Juvenile Court Purpose  
Juvenile Court Jurisdiction  
The Process of the Juvenile Justice System  
The Child Welfare System  
Chapter 2: The History of Juvenile Justice and Today’s Juvenile Courts
Juvenile Justice: Cycles of Rehabilitation and Punishment  
Today’s Juvenile Court Reform  
Chapter 3: The Measurement of Juvenile Crime
Official Data  
National Crime Victimization Survey  
Self-report Data  
Juvenile Delinquency  
Part II: Theories of Delinquency
Chapter 4: Classical, Biological, and Psychological Theories of Crime
Theoretical Issues and Classification  
Pre-classical and Classical Theories of Crime  
Early Biological Theories of Crime  
Early Social Structural Theories  
Modern Biological Perspectives  
Modern Psychological Theories  
Chapter 5: Modern Sociological Theories of Crime
Strain/Anomie Theories  
The Social Disorganization Perspective  
Learning Theories  
Subcultural Theories  
Control Theories/Neoclassical Criminology  
Modern Classical Perspective  
Social Reaction, Critical, and Feminist Theories  
The Life-Course Perspective  
Part III: The Problems that Lead to Delinquency
Chapter 6: Delinquency Risks, Protective Factors, and Disproportionate Impact
Ecological/Psychosocial Model  
School Discipline Risk Factors  
Delinquency Risk Factors  
Disproportionate Impact  
Chapter 7: Punitive Juvenile Justice Policies
Adolescents are Different than Young Adults  
From the Classroom to the Courts  
The Police and Adolescents  
Delinquency Adjudication  
Detained and Incarcerated Youthful Offenders  
Transfers to Criminal Courts  
Adult Imprisonment  
Case Studies  
Chapter 8: School Violence, Zero Tolerance, and School Exclusion
Compulsory Education and Student Discipline  
School Discipline in the Zero Tolerance Era  
School Discipline  
Chapter 9: Trauma and Delinquency
The Prevalence of Childhood and Adolescent Trauma  
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder  
Resiliency to Trauma Experiences  
Maltreatment and Academic Performance  
Maltreatment and Delinquency  
Chapter 10: Mental Health Difficulties, Special Education Disabilities, and Delinquency
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Problems  
Mental Health and Trauma  
Juvenile Incarceration: Today’s Psychiatric Asylums  
Disability Rights  
Part IV: The Solutions to Delinquency
Chapter 11: Evidence-based Delinquency Risk Prevention
Introduction: Social Disorganization, Life Course, and Social Learning Theory  
Maltreatment Victimization  
Interventions for Maltreatment Victims  
Trauma Assessment  
Trauma-informed Care  
Mental Health Problems  
Chapter 12: School Safety and Inclusive Policies
Rehabilitative and Supportive Interventions  
Truancy Prevention  
School Dropout  
School Districts  
State Policies  
National Policies  
Chapter 13: Rehabilitation of Low Level Youthful Offenders
Effective Framework  
Delinquency Prevention  
Community-based Corrections  
Chapter 14: Rehabilitation of Serious and Chronic Youthful Offenders
Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Framework  
Detention Reform  
Reentry and Return Home  
Gang Membership and Prevention  
Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities  

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