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Keeping the Republic

Keeping the Republic
Power and Citizenship in American Politics - Brief Edition

Eighth Edition

January 2019 | 568 pages | CQ Press
1. Power and Citizenship in American Politics
What’s at Stake... in Hashtag Activism?  
What Is Politics?  
Political Systems and the Concept of Citizenship  
Democracy in America  
Who Is a Citizen and Who Is Not?  
What Do American Citizens Believe?  
How to Use the Themes and Features in This Book  
Citizenship and Politics  
2. The Politics of the American Founding
What’s at Stake... in Challenging the Legitimacy of the Government?  
The Split From England  
The Articles of Confederation  
The Constitutional Convention  
The Constitution  
Citizenship and the Founding  
3. Federalism
What’s at Stake... When a State Takes Marijuana Laws into Its Own Hands?  
What Is Federalism?  
American Federalism Over Time  
Federalism Today  
Citizenship and Federalism  
4. Fundamental American Liberties
What’s at Stake... in Regulating the Internet?  
Rights in a Democracy  
The Bill of Rights and the States  
Freedom of Religion  
Freedom of Expression  
The Right to Bear Arms  
The Rights of Criminal Defendants  
The Right to Privacy  
Citizenship and Civil Liberties  
5. The Struggle for Equal Rights
What’s at Stake... When a Racial Majority Becomes a Minority?  
The Meaning of Political Inequality  
Rights Denied on the Basis of Race  
Rights Denied on the Basis of Race and Ethnicity  
Rights Denied on the Basis of Gender  
Rights Denied on Other Bases  
Citizenship and Civil Rights Today  
6. Congress
What’s at Stake... in the Senate’s Obligation to Give Advice and Consent to the President?  
Understanding Congress  
Congressional Powers and Responsibilities  
Congressional Elections  
Congressional Organization  
How Congress Works  
Citizenship and Congress  
7. The Presidency
What's at Stake... In Donald Trump's Presidency?  
The Presidential Job Description  
The Evolution of the American Presidency  
Presidential Politics  
Managing the Presidential Establishment  
The Presidential Personality  
Sexism, the Glass Ceiling, and the 2016 Election  
Citizenship and the Presidency  
8. The Bureaucracy
What's at Stake... in Rolling Back Regulations?  
What Is Beureaucracy?  
The American Federal Bureaucracy  
Politics Inside the Bureaucracy  
External Bureaucratic Politics  
Citizenship and the Bureaucracy  
9. The American Legal System and the Courts
What's at Stake... When the Supreme Court Gets Involved in Partisan Politics?  
Law and the American Legal System  
Constitutional Provisions and the Development of Judicial Review  
Federalism and the American Courts  
The Supreme Court  
Citizenship and the Courts  
10. Public Opinion
What's at Stake... When We Move to More Direct Democracy?  
The Role of Public Opinion in a Democracy  
Citizen Values  
What Influences Our Opinions About Politics?  
Measuring and Tracking Public Opinion?  
Citizenship and Public Opinion  
11. Parties and Interest Groups
What's at Stake...When Establishment Party Candidates Are Challenged by "Outsiders"?  
What Are Political Parties?  
The American Party System  
The Roles, Formation, and Types of Interest Groups  
Interest Group Politics  
Interest Group Resources  
Citizenship and Political Groups  
12. Voting, Campaigns, and Elections
What's at Stake... In the Electoral College?  
Exercising the Right to Vote in America  
How America Decides  
Presidential Campaigns  
Citizenship and Elections  
13. Media, Power, and Political Communication
What's at Stake... in Living in an Information Bubble?  
Where Do We Get Our Information?  
How Does Media Ownership Affect Control of the Narrative?  
Who Are the Journalists?  
Spinning Political Narratives  
Politics as Public Relations  
Citizenship and the Media  
14. Domestic and Foreign Policy?
What's at Stake... in a Shrinking Middle Class?  
Making Public Policy  
Social Policy  
Economic Policy  
Foreign Policy  
Citizenship and Policy  

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