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Key Concepts in Substance Misuse

Key Concepts in Substance Misuse

Edited by:

March 2015 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drug use is a major challenge for public services, healthcare professionals and policy-makers all over the world. This book offers a complete overview of the issues associated with substance misuse from an interdisciplinary perspective. It begins by providing a reference guide to the different psychoactive substances, looking at the biological and psychological impact of their use. Key issues in the effect drugs have on society are then addressed, before outlining methods of recovery and therapy.

Chapters include:

  •       Reflective questions to challenge readers’ assumptions
  •       Case studies to help students understand the impact of substances on individuals
  •       Links to further resources to expand readers’ knowledge

It will be valuable reading for those studying on degrees in criminology, health, nursing, social work and counselling.

Part 1: Drugs, Democracy and Society
Aaron Pycroft
Ethical Evaluations of Drug Use and Drug Policy
Aaron Pycroft
The International and National Legislative Framework
Aaron Pycroft
The Relationship Between Politics and Scientific Knowledge in Formulating Drug Policy
Aaron Pycroft
Alternatives to Prohibition
Part 2: Definitions and categories of psychoactive substances
Aaron Pycroft
Aaron Pycroft
Aaron Pycroft
Aaron Pycroft
Aaron Pycroft
Poly Drug Use
Aaron Pycroft
Drugs with Mixed Effects
Rosanna Bartholomew
New Psychoactive Substances (Legal Highs)
Part 3: Understanding the Nature of Addiction
Aaron Pycroft
Addiction as a Complex Adaptive System
Aaron Pycroft
The Evolutionary Context
Aaron Pycroft
Dependence Syndromes
Aaron Pycroft
Psychological Perspectives
Part 4: Interventions and Treatment
Anita Green
Dual Diagnosis and the Context of Exclusion
Tony Shea
Harm Reduction
Tim Leighton
The concept of Recovery
Rebecca Lee
The Purposes and Methods of Detoxification from Illicit Drugs
Pam Campbell and Anne Spooner
The Purposes and Methods of Detoxification from Alcohol
Trevor Smith
The Major Talking Therapies
Devin Ashwood
Buddhism and Addiction
Bernie Heath
Criminal Justice Interventions
Jane Winstone
Evidence Based Practice, Research and Outcome Monitoring
Angela Woods
The Core Skills in Working with Substance Misuse
Tony Wilkinson
Whole Systems Approaches

'The scope addressed by this text is impressive. It recognises the international and political debate which is pertinent in this field.' 

Emma Sutton, Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing Sciences, University of East Anglia

'I loved the book and the concepts in it.  I really like the case studies and the fact the book is relevant to all disciplines.'

Claire Hooks, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, Anglia Ruskin University

'No other text that I am aware of brings together all the aspects that this text seeks to do which makes it a valuable resource.'
Daren Britt, Course Leader for BA Hons Criminology and Substance Misuse Interventions, University of Brighton

Emma Sutton

This text brings together broad perspectives on substance misuse. The critical analysis in the chapters is a particular strength.


Dr Daren Britt, Senior Lecturer in Substance Misuse, University of Brighton

‘This book is impressive in scope. It gives an overview of the context in which one may experience, support and seek to understand substance misuse disorder.’


Emma Sutton, Senior Lecturer, School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia

A great resource, covering many perspectives on Substance Misuse.

Dr Martyn Harling
Faculty of Education, Health, Sciences, Derby University
June 8, 2015

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