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Lab Manual for Psychological Research and Statistical Analysis

Lab Manual for Psychological Research and Statistical Analysis

First Edition

112 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Lab Manual for Psychological Research and Statistical Analysis serves as an additional resource for students and instructors in a research methods, statistics, or combined course where classroom and/or laboratory exercises are conducted. Dawn M. McBride and J. Cooper Cutting provide students with additional opportunities for practice in a course with challenging material that requires practice and repetition for deeper understanding.
Introduction for Instructors
Chapter 1: Psychological Research: The Whys and Hows of the Scientific Method and Statistics
Chapter 2: Developing a Research Question and Reporting Research
Chapter 3: Ethical Guidelines for Psychological Research
Chapter 4: Probability and Sampling
Chapter 5: How Psychologists Use the Scientific Method: Data Collection Techniques and Research Designs
Chapter 6: Variables and Measurement in Research
Chapter 7: Central Tendency and Variability
Chapter 8: One-Factor Experiments
Chapter 9: Hypothesis-Testing Logic
Chapter 10: The t Distribution
Chapter 11: One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Chapter 12: Correlation Tests and Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 13: Chi-Square tests
Chapter 14: Factorial Experiments and ANOVA (Text Chapters 14 and 15)
Chapter 15: One-Way Within-Subjects Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Chapter 16: Meet the Formulae and Practice Computation Problems
Appendix A: Data Sets and Activities
Appendix B: Overview and Selection of Statistical Tests
Appendix C: Summary of Formulas

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