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Law of Business Contracts in India

Law of Business Contracts in India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Sairam Bhat - National Law School India University, Bengaluru

Law & Society

June 2018 | 352 pages | SAGE India

Law of Business Contracts in India brings together in-depth, wide-ranging articles by legal experts in the area of Business Contracts. It focuses on the modern forms of business contracts and exposits on the historical evolution, judicial interpretation and future applications of such contracts. The articles bridge the gap between the theoretical understanding of contract law and its practical orientation, need, relevance and challenges.

The key features of the volume are:
• Comprehensive coverage of modern laws on contract formation.
• Discussion on the relevance of international laws in the global business context.
• Delineation of the modern style, practice and challenges confronting new forms of contracts.
• Description of the application of contract law to special contracts.
• Discourse on the issues of international taxation and multinational contractual jurisdiction.
• Research-based analysis of the common law approach with the Indian perspective on contract law application.

The compilation views modern business contracts in a wide variety of commercial segments-from infrastructure to consortium loans, from joint ventures to outsourcing. It will serve as an excellent reference material for students of law, especially commercial law and business contracts. It will also be an exhaustive guide for lawyers and entrepreneurs.

Prof (Dr) N R Madhava Menon
Sairam Bhat
Student-Institution Relationship: Basis for Contract Law
Sairam Bhat
Infrastructure Contracts
Sindhu Sivakumar and Raguvaran Gopalan
Consortium Loan Agreements
Suchita Saigal, Parul Kumar and Aditya Verma
Licensing Intellectual Property Rights' Use
Ankur Narain Saxena and Debeleena Das
Joint Venture Agreements
Raghvendra Kishore Singh
Shareholders' Agreements
Lakshmi Prakash, Kota Chandan and Sandeep Uberoi
Escrow Agreements
Uttara Gharpure and Aditya Bandyopadhyay
Law of Outsourcing Contracts
Abhas Mallika and Abidi Shreya Aren
Standard Form of Contracts
Abhishek Krishnan and Lahiri Rakshita
Ganeev Kaur Dhillon, Shivani Singhal Karan and Srijoni Sen
Hospital Contracts
Ananya Chandra, Cuddapah Nanda Gopal and Poongkhulali B
Entertainment Contracts
Dhruv Nath, Krishna Kariani and Rohini Kharkar
Sports Contracts: Standard Players Contract
Sairam Bhat
Restraint of Trade and Employment Contracts
Divya Anne Jeswant, Nirupama Pillai and Shivani Singhal Karan
Insurance Contracts
Abhas Mallika
Contract Farming

[The book] is a compilation of different and well researched topics of current interest. Student research papers, written as part of education at the law school, have been included as various chapters in this book…. The Editor Sairam Bhatt has done a commendable job in selection of articles…This comprehensive volume of ‘contracts’ has value for students and professionals as well.

The Journal of Entrepreneurship

The book marks a sincere endeavour to touch upon the topics of topical commercial significance so as to arouse the interest of the academicians and the legal practitioners.