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Origins, Interactions, and Change

Second Edition

October 2022 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Key features
Feature: The author weaves together the social theory of Marx and Weber with issues of the practice of law in society.
Benefit: The author clearly explains the theory and makes connections to a sociological analysis of law. 

Feature: Includes transitions from section to section within each chapter
Benefit: Outlines the information to come and helps students understand how all parts and processes of law fit together

Feature: Writing style is quite accessible and readable
Benefit: Writing is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Feature: The author makes reference to the theorists and their influence on the topics covered in each section.
Benefit: The themes are very well integrated and interconnected.

Feature: The book is well organized thematically.
Benefit: The book's thematic and theoretical organization makes it easy for instructors to adjust their course structures to fit with the organization of the book quite easily. 

Feature: Contains a specifically sociological approach
Benefit: Builds students' sociological knowledge and helps them think sociologically

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ISBN: 9781412940719