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Leadership & Sustainability (Multimedia Kit)

Leadership & Sustainability (Multimedia Kit)
A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development

© 2007 | 56 pages | Corwin

Published in Association with Ontario Principals' Council

Help leaders at all levels become "system thinkers in action"!

Bring Michael Fullan to your training event with this exceptional multimedia presentation and further explore the critical elements of sustainability as presented in his best-selling book Leadership & Sustainability. This complete resource provides staff developers with all the necessary tools for training leaders at all levels of the educational system to become the catalysts for large-scale, sustainable reform.

Hear from practicing principals, superintendents, and educational experts; observe actual training sessions; and visit classrooms to see firsthand how the model to pursue long-term sustainability without jeopardizing short-term results works in schools. Including a DVD and matching video content, and a facilitator's guide connecting the video/DVD to the book, this all-in-one training package brings to life Fullan's eight elements of sustainability:

  • Public service with a moral purpose
  • Commitment to changing context at all levels
  • Lateral capacity-building through networks
  • Intelligent accountability and vertical relationships
  • Deep learning
  • Dual commitment to short-term and long-term results
  • Cyclical energizing
  • The long lever of leadership

Linking abstract concepts to concrete examples, The Multimedia Kit for Leadership & Sustainability includes: 

  • The innovative book Leadership & Sustainability, defining the agenda for "system thinkers in action"
  • A 75-minute VHS video featuring author Michael Fullan and other educational experts, with classroom footage demonstrating how this model works
  • A companion DVD with easy-to-navigate menus
  • A step-by-step Facilitator's Guide connecting the core content of the book to the video and DVD and providing video and DVD segment prompts
  • Workshop outlines, extended workshop activities, and discussion questions

Design your training program based on this powerful model, and focus on achieving deep, sustainable school reform using this comprehensive staff development resource.

See Leadership & Sustainability.

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Study Guide for Leadership & Sustainability: System Thinkers in Action by Michael Fullan
Chapter One: The Starting Point  
Chapter Two: The Intriguing Nature of Sustainability  
Chapter Three: Leadership to the Fore  
Chapter Four: The New Work of Leaders  
Chapter Five: Leadership at the School Level  
Chapter Six: Leadership at the District Level  
Chapter Seven: Leadership at the System Level  
Epilogue: It’s Going to Be Hard  
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