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Leading Edge Marketing Research

Leading Edge Marketing Research
21st-Century Tools and Practices

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November 2011 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This book explores new and leading edge marketing research approaches as successfully practiced by visionaries of academia and the research industry. Ideal as either a supplementary text for students or as a guidebook for practitioners, this book showcases the excitement of a field where discoveries abound and where researchers are valued for solving weighty problems and minimizing risks. The authors offer rich, new tools to measure and analyze consumer attitudes, combined with existing databases, online bulletin boards, social media, neuroscience, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, behavioral economics, and more. The reader will profit from the numerous contemporary case studies that demonstrate the key role of marketing research in corporate decision-making.




Part I: Challenges to Marketing Research
Ian Lewis, Simon Chadwick
Chapter 1: New Roles for Marketing Researchers
Part II: Quantitative Marketing Research
Diane Schmalensee, A. Dawn Lesh
Chapter 2: Research ROI Analysis: A Powerful Tool for Marketers
Paul Gurwitz
Chapter 3: Combining Data Mines and Attitude Research
Howard Moskowitz, Burt Krieger, Linda Ettinger Lieberman
Chapter 4: The 21st Century Development of Products: Where Customer Guidance Is Taking Us
Crawford Hollingworth
Chapter 5: Behavioral Economics: A Blueprint for New "Ah Ha" Moments
Kevin Clancy, Ami Bowen
Chapter 6: State-of-the-Science Market Segmentation: Making Results Actionable for Marketers
William Pink, Phillip Herr, Dorothy Fitch
Chapter 7: Marketing Accountability: Understanding Performance and Drivers of Brand Success
Part 3: Qualitative Marketing Research
Judith Langer, Sharon Dimoldenberg
Chapter 8: Taking Qualitative Research to the Next Level
Jamie Gordon, Larry Irons
Chapter 9: Consumer Anthropology as a Framework for the Use of Ethnography in Market Research
Joseph Plummer, James Forr, Katje Bressette
Chapter 10: Diving Deep: Using ZMET to Unearth Insights About Unconscious Consumer Thinking
Robin Pentecost, Mark Spence
Chapter 11: Crowdsourcing and Consumer Insights
Part 4: Customer Motivation
Alastair Gordon
Chapter 12: Understanding Consumer Emotions: How Market Research Helps Marketers Engage With Consumers
Sean Green, Neil Holbert
Chapter 13: Neuroimaging and Marketing Research: Hook-up, Love Affair, or Happy Marriage?
Neil Gains
Chapter 14: Using Empathy and Narrative to Ignite Research
J. Walker Smith
Chapter 15: Standing Waves, Stasis, Contagion and Consumer Trends
Part 5: Marketing Research Industry Trends
Mel Prince, Mark A. P. Davies, Chris Manolis, Susan Tratner
Chapter 16: Mixed Methods in Marketing Research
Marco Vriens, David Rogers
Chapter 17: Improving a Firm’s Performance Using Advanced Analytical Insights
Raymon Pettit
Chapter 18: Panel Online Survey and Research Quality
Mickey Brazeal
Chapter 19: RFID in Research: Nineteen Things You Can Do with RFID that You Couldn’t Do Before
Darren Mark Noyce
Chapter 20: Is the Future in Their Hands? Mobile-Based Research Options and Best Practices
Robert Moran
Epilogue: The Future of Marketing Research
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This is a good ancillary book that gives students an idea about where research is heading.

Professor Paul Hackett
Marketing Communication Dept, Emerson College
October 13, 2012

Comprehensive updated material

Professor Barbara Nauman
Graduate School, Johnson & Wales University
August 27, 2012

This is an excellent book, but I thought it would be overwhelming for my undergrads. Definitely a masters level text.

Dr Thomas Whalen
Economics Business Admin Dept, McPherson College
March 16, 2012
Key features

Key Features

  • Discusses real-world, leading edge approaches to improving practice, demonstrating how insights into research can lead to breakthroughs in marketing, merchandizing, and operational strategies

  • Proves how marketing researchers are becoming increasingly skillful in studying consumer behavior, showing readers how to move from asking questions to observing actual behavior in order to obtain more valid information

  • Includes cases representing up-to-date, in-depth applications of client-sponsored research aimed at solving urgent, real-world research problems and providing the reader with a model for conducting similar research

  • Reveals techniques used in commissioned research, which have rarely been shared with the marketing industry or students until now, allowing readers to benefit from trade secrets

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