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Leading in Early Childhood

Leading in Early Childhood

First Edition

October 2016 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Leadership in the early years is about using your knowledge, skills, personality and experience to positively influence practice.  Every practitioner has the capacity to lead, and in doing so, improve opportunities for children and their families.

Examining the various roles of early years practitioners, and the everyday challenges and opportunities they face, this book promotes leadership of early childhood practice by considering the following;

·         Who the leaders are, and what skills they require

·         The variety of ways a practitioner can lead within a setting

·         Key roles including the team leader and the key person

·         How to develop a culture of leadership

·         The importance of working with families and other professionals

·         Improving leading through reflective practice.

Whether you are a room leader in an early childhood setting needing support in your leadership skills, a manager of an early childhood business, a leader of a nursery, a leader of practice or studying to become an early years practitioner this book is ideal for helping you improve your leadership skills.

Chapter 1: Learning to Lead
Chapter 2: Leading Children in their Learning
Chapter 3: The Room Leader
Chapter 4: The Key Person
Chapter 5: Leading People
Chapter 6: Leading developments across a setting or settings
Chapter 7: Working with Families
Chapter 8: Working with Other Professionals
Chapter 9: Improving leading through reflection

The book is accessible for study at any level, from Foundation Degree to Level 6 because you can find some common ground in the content that validates, explores and extends practice to enable professional discussion and reflection on the complex role of the early years practitioner, regardless of role or level of experience. This book offers a new, innovative insight into leading in early childhood. 

Linda France
UGPE Programme Leader, Edge Hill University

Everyone has the capacity to lead, but what is common to potential leaders at all levels is that they will need guidance and support. The book examines different roles and explores the challenges and opportunities that come with leadership, from leading children to leading people, from being a key person to leading development across settings, from working with families to working with agencies. You will learn about the culture of leadership and reflective practice.

Neil Henty
Early Years Educator

Interesting read, useful information

Mrs Lisa Jayne Strachan
Society , Health & Childhood, Blackpool and the Fylde College
November 21, 2017

This book is excellent for the students to use, while studying for the L4 Early Years Advanced practitioner

Mrs Carol darwin
Higher education, Ashton Sixth Form College
September 4, 2017

The text reflects an interest in professionalism in early childhood. Insight provided examine various roles of leadership and opportunities for reflective practice

Ms Nakissa Campbell
Dept of Care and Early Years, Weston College
February 21, 2017

A good publication but more current publications are now available

Mrs Kathryn Peckham
School of Education, Northampton University
March 6, 2017

An accessible text that offers a useful introduction to leadership in Early Childhood. The chapter about improving leadership through reflection is particularly helpful for students who are developing their professional practice at undergraduate level.

Mrs Zoe Lewis
Education , Birmingham City University
September 4, 2016
Key features

Key Selling points:

- The role of an Early Years teacher has changed and now every practitioner no matter what their level is expected to be a 'leader'. This book reflects this up-to-date change, and considers the idea of leadership at ALL levels of practice.

- the book still considers higher levels of leadership as well - so crosses all roles within an Early Childhood setting.

- the Gillian Rodd 'Leadership in Early childhood' is the main competitor (now in it's 4th edition), but it does not reflect this new emphasis on everyone leading, so this is a considerable selling point of our book.

- The book also deals with 2 specific new roles withion the Early Years - the Key Person and the Room Leader. A 'Key Person' has a special responsibility for a set amount of children, and all parents and children will know who their 'Key Person is. 'room Leaders' lead a single room within a setting, including all staff working in it, and is an experienced practitioner.

- the book has very brad appeal - including EYE & EYT qualifications, Early Years PGCE, BA EY and BA ECS degrees. Some universities also offer  MA's in leadership in the Early Years

Hi Dilly,


I just wanted to flag up that for the Davis & Ryder I would like you to approach Neil Henty (Editor of EYE magazine) suggesting articles based around this book, and specifically:


1.       Chapter 3 The room Leader

2.       Chapter 4 The key person


His email is and he is lovely. He’s always looking for new content, and I think a new leadership book will really interest him.


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Leading in Early Childhood: Learning to Lead

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