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Leading Organizations through Transition

Leading Organizations through Transition
Communication and Cultural Change

November 1999 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume addresses the role of communication in cultural change efforts within organizations, especially during periods of transition, mergers, technological innovations, and globalization. Included is a development of the nature and function of organizational cultures, discussion of the role of leadership in providing visions and framing organizational events, investigations of ethical issues, and careful examination of the importance of member involvement in change processes. Specific organizational cases are highlighted throughout. These materials were initially developed as the electronic text for an online course in organizational culture and cultural change as part of an executive masters program at Seton Hall University. The success with this course led to the development of a book to aid students and professionals work with organizational cultural change.

Managing Hearts, Minds and Souls
Assessing and Changing Organizational Culture
Vision and Cultural Development
Guiding Interpretations and the Art of Framing
Employee Participation and Cultural Change
The Ethics of Cultural Control and Organizational Change
Culture and Technological Change
Managing Culture through Transition Periods
Managing Culture in Multinational Organizations
Putting a Change Process Together

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