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Leading the Common Core State Standards

Leading the Common Core State Standards
From Common Sense to Common Practice

Foreword by Douglas B. Reeves

May 2012 | 184 pages | Corwin
Transform your school using proven core curriculum practices

Many educators agree that we already know how to foster student success, so what is keeping common sense from becoming common practice? The author provides step-by-step guidance for overcoming the barriers to adopting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and achieving equity and excellence for all students. As an experienced teacher and principal, Cheryl Dunkle is well versed in staff members' perspectives and gives school leaders valuable tools for fostering the teacher and parent buy-in needed to put the CCSS into practice. This practical guide shows leaders how to implement the CCSS, which will ultimately result in continuous quality improvement in schools. Leading the Common Core State Standards addresses these key issues and more:
  • Communicating the CCSS to teachers and parents and attaining their buy-in
  • Transitioning schools and districts to align with the CCSS
  • Determining which teaching and learning practices need to change
  • Garnering resources and support for reforms
Many timesaving and supportive professional learning resources are provided, including guiding questions, an annotated bibliography, and a list of helpful references. These tools equip leaders to create collaborative structures and a climate of trust for sharing professional expertise and expanding the capacity of every staff member. There are no effective "quick fixes" in education. However, the steps outlined in this book will put you, your staff, and your students on a common-sense path to success.

Foreword by Douglas B. Reeves
About the Author
1. What Matters Most
Are Outstanding Teachers Born or Made?  
The Heart of Matter  
This Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto  
Teacher Leadership  
Change Is Sometimes Messy and Uncomfortable  
What Happens Next with CCSS Reform?  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Teacher Leadership  
2. Leading with Roots and Wings
Consider This Scenario  
Variations on the Leadership Theme  
The Wings of Vision  
The Roots of Coherence  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in School Leadership  
3. The Promises and Possibilities of Common Core State Standards
Are We Still A Nation At Risk?  
Building Background Knowledge about CCSS  
See the Light or Feel the Heat  
Progressive and Pragmatic Solutions  
A Closer Look at Common Core State Standards  
From Common Sense to Common Practice with CCSS  
4. A Relevant and Rigorous Common Core Curriculum
Something of Substance  
Common and Core  
Constructing the Conversation  
How the World Works  
Thought Partners  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Defining a CCSS Curriculum  
5. Inviting students to Learn
The Power of Deeply Understanding Instruction  
The Power of Deeply Implementing Nonfiction Writing  
The Power of Deeply Utilizing Dimensions of Learning  
The Power of Differentiation  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Instruction  
6. Powerful Professional Learning for Adults
Adult Learning Theory  
Implications for Professional Development  
Options for Quality Professional Learning  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Professional Development  
7. Next-Generation Assessment Systems
Lessons Old and New About Assessment Systems  
Two Consortia Will Potentially Provide the Answers  
Deliberate Classroom Formative Assessment: A Must  
Performance Tasks to Promote Learning  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Next-Generation Assessment Systems  
8. Powerful Learning Through Powerful Technology
The National Education Technology Plan  
Horizon Report: 2011 K-12 Edition  
Technological Implications for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment  
Measuring What Matters  
Technological Infrastructures  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Technology  
9. Accountability for Excellence and Equity
Understanding Total Quality  
The Story Behind the Numbers  
Standards-Based Accountability  
Teachers Take the Lead  
System Things: Not Single Things  
From Common Sense to Common Practice in Holistic Accountability  
Suggested Reading

"One leaves this engaging book knowing and thinking more about the Common Core and one's role as a leader. Kudos to the author for doing this in a manner that leaves readers feeling like they just left a high-quality professional development experience."

Bonnie Tryon, Former Principal
School Administrators Association of New York State

"This book is one of the best I have read for moving educators beyond a cursory knowledge of the Common Core Standards. The author provides current research and years of experience to motivate and lead teachers, ensuring that they have the tools to help children succeed in the 21st century."

Jason Thompson, Assistant Principal
Schalmont Central School District, Schenectady, NY

"This book provides an excellent opportunity to engage teacher leaders in leading the way with Common Core Standards."

Freda Hicks, Assistant Principal
Grady Brown Elementary School, Hillsborough, NC

"This book is a must-read for all administrators and practicing classroom teachers who are faced with the challenge of implementing Common Core State Standards. It is a practical guide to understanding CCSS and provides support for the challenges of restructuring classrooms to produce 21st century learners ready for global citizenship."

Susan Stewart, Assistant Professor
Ashland University, Ashland, OH
Key features

Several timesaving and supportive professional learning elements are provided:

  • Each chapter's conclusion contains a list of Key Ideas and Guiding Questions for use as topics in professional learning communities.
  • Annotated bibliography offering current resources and references

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ISBN: 9781452203928

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