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Learning Through Real-World Problem Solving

Learning Through Real-World Problem Solving
The Power of Integrative Teaching

February 1996 | 184 pages | Corwin
"... An enlightening investigation of the process of integrative teaching and learning and the choreography of project work in the classroom. Ms. Nagel has translated her experiences into a rich discussion about facilitating inquiry and student learning through real-world problems." Marion Rice, Director of Teacher Education The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry "Nancy Nagel's book is exactly the text needed for teacher education--it blends theory and practice. The integrative teaching and learning approach is well developed through rich case examples." Amy Driscoll, Professor, School of Education, Portland State University With a rapidly expanding knowledge base in this information age, today's teachers are expected to add content to their existing curricula. But how can you add to your students' already full day without leaving out something else? One answer is to integrate teaching and learning into the real world around your school, and engage your students in simultaneous learning--in language arts, science, art, mathematics, social studies--while they are trying to solve real problems. Here, Nancy Nagel discusses the ways in which the students can participate in directing their own learning while helping to create for themselves relevant learning experiences. The author presents actual cases taken from different schools where students learned while pursuing real-life goals, such as helping to select the optimum land use for property adjacent to their school. She provides examples of successful units, including feedback from students and teachers about the learning and teaching process. For teachers, administrators, curriculum development coordinators, and others interested in turning integrative teaching and learning into more than just another short-lived teaching fad, this new guide is recommended reading.

James A Beane
Integrative Teaching and Learning through Real-World Problem Solving
Why Implement an Integrative Teaching and Learning Model?
Looking in the Classrooms
Case Studies Introduction

Assessing Integrative Learning
Looking Back
What We Have Learned

Looking Ahead
Suggestions for Implementation

Making Integrative Teaching and Learning Happen

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