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Lesbian and Gay Psychology

Lesbian and Gay Psychology
Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications

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January 1994 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
More than ever before, heated public policy debates over sexual orientation point to a critical need for a clearer understanding of lesbians and gay men. Empirically rich and intellectually rigorous, Lesbian and Gay Psychology presents innovative empirical studies that explore the children of lesbians, internalized homophobia, lesbian and gay development, and aspects of relationship quality of cohabitating couples. Theoretical analyses of physical appearance, issues of sexual pride and shame in lesbians, impact of the feminist political movement, and heterosexual attitudes are also provided. A chapter on boundary issues in a lesbian therapist/client relationship adds to the diversity of perspectives contained in this volume. The accessible format and clear writing style contribute to making Lesbian and Gay Psychology an ideal resource for practitioners, interns, social service professionals and students. Anyone interested in seeking a deeper level of understanding into the complexities and subtleties of the lesbian and gay community will also find this volume an invaluable resource. "Using a `lesbigay' affirmative perspective, this book takes us successfully toward the goal of building a theoretical and empirical knowledge base for understanding and improving the lives of lesbians and gay men. . . . I appreciated the variety of styles, approaches, and topics that the editors chose for this volume because it is this variety, as well as the content, that provokes the discussion and the evaluation of the concepts and research. This reviewer will be waiting and looking forward to future annual volumes." --Affilia "All of the contributors have broken ground in one way or another with their work, and this volume helpfully brings them together while also pointing us further ahead conceptually." --The Lesbian Review of Books

John C Gonsiorek
Beverly Greene
Lesbian and Gay Sexual Orientations
Implications for Clinical Training, Practice and Research

Mary E Kite
When Perceptions Meet Reality
Individual Differences in Reactions to Lesbians and Gay Men

Carla Golden
Our Politics and Choices
The Feminist Movement and Sexual Orientation

Suzanna Rose
Sexual Pride and Shame in Lesbians
Esther D Rothblum
Lesbians and Physical Appearance
Which Model Applies?

Nanette K Gartrell
Boundaries in Lesbian Therapist-Client Relationships
Anthony R D'Augelli
Lesbian and Gay Male Development
Steps Toward an Analysis of Lesbians' and Gay Men's Lives

Lawrence A Kurdek
The Nature and Correlates of Relationship Quality in Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual Cohabiting Couples
A Test of the Individual Difference, Interdependence and Discrepancy Models

Charlotte J Patterson
Children of the Lesbian Baby Boom
Behavioral Adjustment, Self Concepts and Sex Role Identity

Ariel Shidlo
Internalized Homophobia
Conceptual and Empirical Issues in Measurement

Gregory M Herek
Assessing Heterosexuals' Attitudes toward Lesbians and Gay Men
A Review of Empirical Research with the ATLG Scale


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