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Life's Career-Aging

Life's Career-Aging
Cultural Variations on Growing Old

Edited by:
  • Barbara G. Myerhoff - University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles
  • Andrei Simic - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA

August 1979 | 249 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume is in part the result of a project originated at the Andrus Gerontology Center at the University of Southern California. Each of five contributors examines the aging process in a particular society in order "to discover common themes punctuating the lives of informants, similar threads of experience and meaning transcending more superficial cultural and situational differences." The method used to study these diverse groups is that of the life history which is, in the editor's view, particularly appropriate to a study of the elderly who are often actively engaged in reviewing and interpreting their own lives. "The book could open up a fruitful controversy in social gerontology and should become part of the library of every social gerontologist." --Contemporary Sociology "A unique contribution to cross-cultural studies in aging." --Choice "Worthwhile reading for any human service professional dealing with the aged." --Social Work

Andrei Simic
Introduction: Aging and the Aged in Cultural Perspective
Sally Folk Moore
Old Age in a Life-Term Social Arena: Some Chagga of Kilimanjaro in 1974
Andrei Simic
Winners and Losers: Aging Yugoslavs in a Changing World
Carlos G Vélez
Youth and Changing in Central Mexico: One Day in the Life of Four Families of Migrants
Barbara G Myerhoff
A Symbol Perfected in Death: Continuity and Ritual in the Life and Death of an Elderly Jew
José Cuellar
El Senior Citizens Club: The Older Mexican-American in the Voluntary Association
Andrei Simic and Barbara Myerhoff

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ISBN: 9780803960008