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Lighting the Town

Lighting the Town
A Study of Management in the North West Gas Industry 1805-1880

December 1991 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This detailed examination of the gas industry's emergence in the North West of England from 1805-1880 provides a fascinating account of the growth of an important industry. It describes the pioneers who matched supply with the demand for lighting streets, factories, shops and large houses. It shows how finance was raised, discusses who managed the undertakings, and describes the economic, social and political factors that affected strategic decision-making as the industry developed.

Emergence of Gaslighting 1805-26
Growth and Maturity 1827-80
Company Creation and Capital Formation to 1826
Gas Shares and Government Controls
Management Strategy and Business Development to 1830
The Management of Expansion
Municipalisation and Municipal Trading
Lighting the Town

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ISBN: 9781853961762