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Lone Star Politics

Lone Star Politics
Tradition and Transformation in Texas

Sixth Edition

Texas Politics

January 2019 | 552 pages | CQ Press
1. Introduction
Texas Geography  
History: The Birth of Texas Traditions  
Texas Statehood  
Transitions to the Twenty-First Century  
A Tradition of Change  
Winners and Losers  
2. Texas Constitutions
Constitutional Government  
The Federal System of the United States  
Texas Constitutions  
The Current System: The Constitution of 1876  
Criticisms of the Texas Constitution  
Winners and Losers  
3. Texas Legislature
The Texas Legislature in Context  
Typologies of State Legislatures: Full Time and Part Time  
Qualifications for Office and Length of Terms  
Representation: Theories and Demographics  
Winners and Losers  
Electing the State Legislature  
Legislative Organization  
Winners and Losers  
Legislative Process  
Winners and Losers  
4. Texas Governors
The Office of the Governor  
Powers of the Governor  
Informal Powers  
Winners and Losers  
5. The Plural Executive and Bureaucracy in Texas
The Plural Executive  
Boards and Commissions  
Bureaucratic Accountability  
Winners and Losers  
6. Texas Judicial System
Judicial Federalism and Texas Courts  
Local Trial Courts  
County-Level Trial Courts  
District Courts (State-Level Trial Courts)  
Appellate Courts  
Judicial Selection  
Texas Judges  
Problems with the Texas Judiciary  
Alternative Systems of Judicial Selection: Appointment and Merit  
Criminal Justice in Texas  
Winners and Losers  
7. Texas-Sized Justice
Justice in Texas  
Incarceration in Texas  
Rights of the Accused  
Law and Punishment  
Winners and Losers  
8. Campaigns and Elections, Texas Style
Democracy, Representation, and Elections in Texas  
Voting Rights in Texas  
Winners and Losers  
Types of Elections in Texas  
Voting, Voter Registration, and Turnout  
Getting on the Ballot in Texas Elections  
Campaign Finance in Texas  
Winners and Losers  
9. Political Parties
The Development of Political Parties in Texas  
Political Parties in Texas  
Party Organizations  
Winners and Losers  
10. Organized Interests
Organized Interests in Texas Politics  
Influencing Policy in Texas through Organized Interests  
Winners and Losers  
11. Local Government in Texas
Local Government: The Basics  
County Government, Texas-Style  
Other Forms of Local Government  
Winners and Losers  
12. Fiscal Policy
The Policymaking Process  
Sources of State Revenue: Taxes  
Winners and Losers  
Sources of State Revenue: Other Resources  
Spending and Budgeting  
Fiscal Policy Tools  
Winners and Losers  
13. Energy, Environment, Transportation, and Trade Policies: Transforming Texas
Oil and Gas in Texas  
Texas Energy  
Environmental Policy  
Texas Air Quality  
Droughts and Floods  
Hazardous Waste  
Winners and Losers  
Transportation Policy  
Winners and Losers  
Texas Trade  
Winners and Losers  
14. Social Policy: Education, Health, and Immigration
Education Policy  
Winners and Losers  
Winners and Losers  
Health and Human Services  
Winners and Losers  
Immigration Policy  
Winners and Losers  

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