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Low-intensity CBT Skills and Interventions

Low-intensity CBT Skills and Interventions
a practitioner's manual

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October 2020 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book takes you step-by-step through the Low-intensity CBT interventions and clinical procedures. With an Online Resource site of accompanying workbooks and worksheets, it provides a comprehensive manual for trainee and qualified Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners. 


Pedagogic Approach
When Your Back is Against the Wall, Break It Down
1 - Low-Intensity Cognitive Behavoural Therapy: 'Revolution Not Evolution'
Part 1: Low-intensity Clinical Method
2 - Low-Intensity CBT Assessment: 'Unlocking the Key to Successful Intervention
3 - Diagnoses and Problem Descriptors: Labelling Problems Not People
4 - Clinical Decision-Making in Low-Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Integrating Patient Choice, the Practitioner and Evidence-base
5 - Common and Specific Factors: ‘It IS What You Do, AND the Way That You Do it?’
6 - Supporting Low-Intensity CBT Interventions: 'Teach Me, Don't Tell Me'
7 - Identifying the Best Match Between Delivery Modality and Learning Style: Change is the End Result of All True Learning
8 - Using Behaviour Change Models to Support Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Interventions: Enabling Patients to Engage and Make Lasting Change
9 - Supervision in Low-intensity CBT: Fundamental to the Clinical Method
10 - Medication for Common Mental Health Problems: Extending the Evidence-Based Treatment Toolkit
Part 2: Supporting Low-intensity Interventions
11 - Behavioural Activation: Working Inside Out, Rather Than Outside in
12 - Cognitive Interventions: A Thought Is Just a Thought
13 - Graded Exposure Therapy: Climbing Ladders to Health
14 - Exposure Therapy and Response Prevention for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Taking on the Challenge
15 - Worry Management: A Practical Solution to a Problem of Hypotheticals
16 - Problem Solving: Doing What it Says On the Tin
17 - Sleep Management: Steps to A Good Night’s Sleep
Part 3: Adapting Low-intensity CBT
18 - Adapting Low-intensity CBT to accommodate BAME patients
19 - Adapting Low-intensity CBT for Older People
Part 4: Progress Takes Place Outside the Comfort Zone.
20 - Low-Intensity CBT: New Horizon or False Dawn

Excellent and relevant text

Miss Julie Puttock
Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
January 4, 2021
Key features

Need: LI IAPT trainee and practitioners need a step-by-step guide to clinical protocols and interventions

Feature: This book provides a manual for practice, covering assessment, decision-making and the seven key interventions, with step-by-step guidance for each.


Need: Trainees struggle to transfer theoretical knowledge / interventions into practice

Feature: This books provides granular information on how to implement LI CBT, including suggested phrases, tips for trouble-shooting, and worksheets and workbooks to support the interventions.


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