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Making Latino News

Making Latino News
Race, Language, Class

Volume: 1

September 1999 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"America Rodriquez is a first-rate scholar whose work is critical to the understanding of Latino media in the United States. The book includes appropriate theoretical approaches, rigourous research methods, and incisive analysis of findings. Rodriquez's exploration of cultural and economic forces shaping the media provides crucial insight into the social power of the media over audiences on both sides of the border." —Felix Gutierrez, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, The Freedom Forum Pacific Coast Center "This book breaks fresh ground and helps define a new area of media studies. It is must reading for anyone interested in American Latino media." —Charles D. Whitney, University of Texas This book examines Latino news making as part of a larger narrative the cultural productions and conceptions of Latinos. The author traces historical and commercial contexts of Latino orientated news production, beginning with late 19th century and early 20th century US Spanish language newspapers, examines the production of contemporary Latino news, and postulates future developments in the field.

What Is Latino News?

US Spanish Language Newspapers: 1848-1970
History of the Hispanic Audience
Commercial Ethnicity
The Production and Marketing of the Hispanic Audience

Nationhood, Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Making of US Latino News
Local Latino News
Los Angeles and Miami

Bilingual and English Language Media
The Future of Latino Media
Suggestions for Further Research


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ISBN: 9780761915522

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