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Making Strategy

Making Strategy
Mapping Out Strategic Success

Second Edition

September 2011 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book takes students and practitioners through the process of making strategy in easy-to-follow steps, showing the reader how to identify the true goals of the organization and develop a clear action plan for achieving them. These techniques can be used to develop a business model and manage key strategic issues for teams, units and departments, as well as for a complete organization. The Second Edition includes more real-life example, added resource appendices, and deeper guidance in identifying and developing the distinctive competencies unique to individual organizations.

This text has a companion website with instructor resources including teaching notes and lecture slides.

Strategy as Focus
Strategic Management is a Social Process
Strategy as the Prioritization and Management of Key Issues
The Issue Management Forum
Strategy as Purpose: Agreeing Goals and Aspirations for the Organization
The Strategy as Purpose Forum
Strategy as the Discovery and Exploitation of Distinctiveness
The Strategy as the Discovery and Exploitation of Distinctiveness Forum
Strategy as Stakeholder Management
The Stakeholder Management Forum
Facilitating Groups in Strategy Making
The Continuation and Closure of the Strategy Making Journey

Eden and Ackermann remain at the leading edge of theory and practice in strategy making. This book demystifies strategy making while at the same time deepening our understanding of what the process entails. Their work is a marvellous guide for those striving to make sense of complexity
Karl E. Weick
Rensis Likert Distinguished University Professor of Organizational Behavior and Psychology, University of Michigan

This book is at the very cutting edge of strategic management theory and yet also of immense practical use. It is truly a rare and stunning achievement
John M Bryson
McKnight Presidential Professor of Planning and Public Affairs, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Using this book enabled me to facilitate a multicultural team of seven managers so that they very quickly got to grips with the challenges and opportunities facing the organization and developed a realistic workable strategy, whilst at the same time building a real sense of team cohesion and the feeling that individuals had been listened to
Alison Devine
Director, British Council, Taipai

This is an insightful book on strategy formulation that achieves the difficult task of bridging cutting-edge theory with practical application. The book will be of immense use for academics, practitioners and students of strategy. Where most strategy books focus almost exclusively on issues of strategy analysis, with perhaps a little strategy process sprinkled in for good measure, this book turns this traditional approach on its head by addressing the often neglected yet arguably more challenging task of making strategy in complex organizations. It is the internal organizational dynamics of strategy-making, whether they be managing stakeholders, facilitating group strategy workshops, dealing with organizational politics, identifying sources of competitive advantage or mapping out strategies, which determine strategic success. At its core the book advances a very simple, yet absolutely fundamental notion that strategy-making is inherently a social process. It gives very clear guidance on how these social processes can be managed to build better strategies. Most strategy books come from an economic perspective, which ignore substantive issues of how strategies are made because they implicitly assume that organizations are impenetrable, unknowable black boxes. Ackerman and Eden have blown open the black box of strategy-making in organizations, offering theoretically rich, but also very practical advice on how strategies can be formulated in complex organizations. In sum, this is a book that needed to be written. Ackerman and Eden should be commended for doing a first-rate job
Dr. R. Bradley MacKay
Senior Lecturer in Strategy, Head of Strategy and Internat. Bus. Group, University of Edinburgh Business School

I strongly recommend this book to any researcher, consultant and practitioner interested in putting the competence based approach to strategy making into practice. Based on an extended experience with management teams in a diversity of settings and industries, the authors offer a step by step methodology for implementing competence based strategic management. This makes it an indispensible guide for practitioners and consultants. Researchers in competence based strategic management will appreciate its theoretical rigour and its terminological preciseness and consistency. Among the many books on competence based strategic management it is undoubtedly one of the best contributions I have ever seen. I personally use it in my teaching and consulting practice, and I can assure readers that IT REALLY WORKS. With this book Ackermann and Eden confirm their leading position in spreading an approach to strategic management based on a systemic, dynamic, cognitive, and holistic perspective on real life managers' concerns when practicing strategy
Professor Aime Heene
Lecturer in European Business and Corporate Strategy, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium

Good course material.

Professor Leif Erik Wollenweber
Business, Fachhochschule für Oekonomie und Management
June 22, 2015

I didn't feel that the book was suitable for undergraduate introduction to strategic management

Mr Kieran Conroy
Queen's Management School, Queen's University Belfast
April 28, 2015

Rather than an introductory textbook, this is more a monograph on a specific approach to strategy formulation, particularly appropriate when trying to create a shared strategy amongst diverse stakeholders.

Mr Alistair Bowden
Business School, Univ. of Teesside
July 11, 2014

Good insightful applications

Dr Debi Mishra
School Of Management, Suny at Binghamton
April 10, 2013

Excellent guide to strategy but probably more useful for postgraduate rather than undergraduate students.

Mr Jim Gritton
School of Health and Social Care, Greenwich University
February 10, 2013

challenging but the closest to the reality of strategy making in the real world.

Dr Frank Siedlok
Management , Strathclyde Graduate Business School
January 31, 2012

A good, straightforward text.

Mr Harry Miller
Business School, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
December 19, 2011

The topics covered in the book overlap many of the topics covered in our main book.

Dr Martin Kunc
Management , Warwick Business School
November 11, 2011

I work with a number of Strategic Management Teams delivering customised programmes at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. This text is a welcome, fresh approach to what has become an area over-populated with inadequate research.

Mr Colin Guthrie
Kingsway Centre, North Lindsey College
October 21, 2011
Key features

• Explore four key routes to creating a strategy: strategic issue management, agreeing organizational purpose, competitiveness from the exploitation and protection of distinctiveness, and the strategic management of stakeholders

• The authors' designs have been used extensively, in a wide range of countries, by management teams in all types of organizations

• The Second Edition includes more real-life examples, added resource appendices, and deeper guidance in identifying and developing the distinctive competencies unique to individual organizations.

This text has a companion website with instructor resources including teaching notes and lecture slides.

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