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Detailed Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations of Criminal Justice

Chapter 1: Crime, Law and Criminal Justice
Current Controversy 1.1: Is Justice Served by our Criminal Justice System?
Current Controversy 1.2: Does Mental Illness Cause Crime?

Chapter 2: Concepts of Law and Justice 
Current Controversy 2.1: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
Current Controversy 2.2: Should the Miranda Warnings Be Abolished?

Chapter 3: Defining and Measuring Crime
Current Controversy 3.1: Is White Collar Crime Harmful to Society?
Current Controversy 3.2: Is Burglary a Violent Crime?

Chapter 4: Explanations of Criminal Behavior
Current Controversy 4.1:  Is There a Relationship between race and class and criminal behavior?
Current Controversy 4.2: Should the Criminal Justice System Treat Female Offenders Differently?

Chapter 5: Victims and the Criminal Justice System
Current Controversy 5.1: Should Colleges and Universities Respond to Campus Sexual Assault?
Current Controversy 5.2: Is Restorative Justice an Effective Tool for Victims?

Chapter 6: Criminal Justice Policy
Current Controversy 6.1: Are Laws Requiring Sex Offender Registries Effective?
Current Controversy 6.2: Is Street Level Bureaucracy a Good Thing?

Part II: Policing

Chapter 7: Policing Organizations and Practices
Current Controversy 7.1: Is Compstat a Good Policing Strategy?
Current Controversy 7.2: Do Mandatory Arrest Policies Help Victims of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence?

Chapter 8: Issues in Policing
Current Controversy 8.1: Should Police Agencies Require Officers to Wear Body Cameras?
Current Controversy 8.2 Does Police Discretion Help or Harm Our Criminal Justice System?

Part III: Courts

Chapter 9: Courts and Crime
Current Controversy 9.1: Should Physical Evidence Be Required in Serious Criminal Cases?
Current Controversy 9.2: Should We Limit the Use of Plea Bargains?

Chapter 10 Punishment and Sentencing
Current Controversy 10.1: Do Habitual Sentencing Laws Deter Offenders? 
Current Controversy 10.2: Is The Risk of Executing Innocent People Acceptably Low?

Part IV: Corrections

Chapter 11: Prisons and Jails
Current Controversy 11.1: Should We Use Supermax Prisons to Control Offenders?
Current Controversy 11.2: Is Segregating Prison Populations a Good Policy?

Chapter 12: Community Corrections
Current Controversy 12.1: Should We Use Risk/Needs Assessments to Identify Offender Needs?
Current Controversy 12.2: Is Parole an Effective Correctional Strategy?

Part V: Special Topics in Criminal Justice

Chapter 13: Juvenile Justice
Current Controversy 13.1: Have Zero-Tolerance Policies Made Schools Safer?
Current Controversy 13.2: Should the Juvenile Court be Abolished?

Chapter 14: Emerging Issues for the 21st Century
Current Controversy 14.1: Should Enemy Combatants Be Denied Due Process Rights?
Current Controversy 14.2: Does Immigration Impact Crime?