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Managing and Organizations

Managing and Organizations
An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Fourth Edition
  • Stewart R Clegg - University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Martin Kornberger - EMLYON Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Tyrone Pitsis - The University of Leeds, UK; The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, Newcastle University, UK

January 2016 | 712 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
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'Already a classic in its field, Managing and Organizations’ success among teachers and students reflects its comprehensiveness and accuracy. A great handbook from which to teach management’ - Dr Jose Bento da Silva, University of Warwick

A realist's guide to management, the authors capture the complex life of organizations, providing not only an account of theories, but also an introduction to their practice with examples from everyday life and culture discussing the key themes and debates along the way.

Intended as a 'travel guide' to the world of management, the content contains reliable maps of the terrain, critical viewpoints, with ways forward outlined, and an exploration of the nooks, crannies and byways whilst still observing the main thoroughfares. This is a resource that will help navigate this world, encouraging the reader to explore not only the new, exciting and brilliant aspects, but also some dark sides as well.

The new edition includes:

  • A new chapter on "Organizational Conflict"
  • Revised case studies examining key organizational issues and exploring diverse scenarios.
  • Even more examples and cases throughout covering the most current examples from the business world – e.g. Airbnb, Uber,  Spotify.
  • A free interactive eBook* featuring author videos, web-links to news articles and Ted Talks, multiple choice questions, flashcards, SAGE journal articles and other relevant links, allowing access on the go and encouraging learning and retention whatever the reading or learning style.

Suitable for students studying Organisational Behaviour, Managing People in Organisations and Introductory Management courses taking an Organisational Behaviour slant.

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PART ONE: Managing People in Organizations
Chapter 1: Managing and Organizations in Changing Contexts
Chapter 2: Managing Sensemaking
Chapter 3: Managing Individuals
Chapter 4: Managing Teams and Groups
Chapter 5: Managing Leading, Coaching, and Motivating
Chapter 6: Managing Human Resources
PART TWO: Managing Organizational Practices
Chapter 7: Managing Cultures
Chapter 8: Managing Conflict
Chapter 9: Managing Power, Politics, and Decision-Making in Organizations
Chapter 10: Managing Communications
Chapter 11: Managing Knowledge and Learning
Chapter 12: Managing Innovation and Change
Chapter 13: Managing Social Responsibilty Ethically
PART THREE: Managing Organizational Structures and Processes
Chapter 14: Managing Bureaucracy
Chapter 15: Managing Beyond Bureaucracy
Chapter 16: Managing Organizational Design
Chapter 17: Managing Globalization


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Easily the best introductory text on management and organization available. The key issues are clearly articulates in ways that comprehensively introduce difficult concepts without using simplistic, jargonised language.

Dr Christopher Sykes
University of Wollongong, Australia

Already a classic in the field, Managing and Organizations' success among teachers and students reflects its comprehensiveness and accuracy. A great handbook from which to teach management.

Dr Jose Bento da Silva
University of Warwick

A rare feat, this text manages to be accessible and mature at the same time. Excellent preparation for diving deeper into organizational science and practice.

Professor Guido Möllering
Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

This book highlights a range of current issues and reviews contemporary events and issues.

Lesley Mearns
The Reg Vardy Centre, Sunderland University

Great textbook. Takes critical approach to traditional topics and texts. Highly recommended

Mr Christian Lystbaek
Institute of Business and Technology, Aarhus University

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Chapter 1_Managing and Organizations in Changing Contexts

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