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Managing in Times of Disorder

Managing in Times of Disorder
Hypercompetitive Organizational Responses

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Volume: 4

May 1998 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Strong forces of change are reshaping the management landscape. TodayÆs business environment is fraught with uncertainty, diverse global players, rapid technological change, widespread price wars, and seemingly endless reorganization. The editors and contributors of Managing in Times of Disorder demonstrate that a far-reaching shift has occurred in the venture of competition that has resulted in a new organizational paradigmùhypercompetition. The innovative chapters in this groundbreaking volume form a complex fabric of new theoretical frameworks, models, strategies, organizational forms, and interdisciplinary methods that address hypercompetitive environments in a radically new way. The authorsÆ findings reveal new patterns of language, metaphor, structure, and strategy that are necessary for business survival in chaotic times. Managing in Times of Disorder will be of interest to students and professionals in organization studies and management.

Empirical Evidence
L G Thomas, III
The Two Faces of Competition
Dynamic Resourcefulness and the Hypercompetitive Shift

Greg Young, Ken G Smith and Curtis M Grimm
Austrian and Industrial Organization Perspectives on Firm-Level Competitive Activity and Performance
International Perspective
Hiroyuki Itami
Hypercompetition, Japanese Style
James L Bailey
The Paralysis of Deep Pockets
Peter Neupert
Building a Leadership Position in a Hypercompetitive Technology Market
Dong-Jae Kim and Bruce Kogut
Technological Platforms and Diversification
Tim Craig
The Japanese Beer Wars
Initiating and Responding to Hypercompetition in New Product Development

Barrie R Nault and Mark B Vandenbosch
Eating Your Own Lunch
Protection through Preemption

James Richardson
Vertical Integration and Rapid Response in the Fashion Apparel Industry
Javier Gimeno and Carolyn Y Woo
Hypercompetition in a Multimarket Environment
The Role of Strategic Similarity and Multimarket Contact on Competitive Deescalation

Henk W Volberda
Toward the Flexible Form
How To Remain Vital in Hypercompetitive Environments

Robert M Grant
Prospering in Dynamically-Competitive Environments
Organization Capability as Knowledge Creation

Gordon Walker, Bruce Kogut and Weijian Shan
Social Capital, Structural Holes and the Formation of an Industry Network
Jan Hanssen-Bauer and Charles C Snow
Responding to Hypercompetition
The Structure and Processes of a Regional Learning Network Organization

Julia Porter Liebeskind et al
Social Networks, Learning and Flexibility
Sourcing Scientific Knowledge in New Biotechnology Firms

Anne D Smith and Carl Zeithaml
Garbage Cans and Advancing Hypercompetition
The Creation and Exploitation of New Capabilities and Strategic Flexibility in Two Regional Bell Operating Companies

D Charles Galunic and Kathleen M Eisenhardt
The Evolution of Intracorporate Domains
Divisional Charter Losses in High-Technology, Multidivisional Corporations

Kenneth E Aupperle
Spontaneous Organizational Reconfiguration
A Historical Example Based on Xenophon's Anabasis

Bart Victor and Carroll U Stephens
The Dark Side of the New Organizational Forms
An Editorial Essay

Asaf Zohar and Gareth Morgan
Refining Our Understanding of Hypercompetition and Hyperturbulence

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