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Managing Multiculturalism in Substance Abuse Services

Managing Multiculturalism in Substance Abuse Services

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July 1994 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"This is an excellent resource book for community counselors and alcohol and drug professionals who serve diverse populations, school counselors who are concerned about prevention, teachers who frequently are the front-line observers of changes in student behavior, and legislators who are committed to making a difference in the community. This text is written in concise and clear language with a chapter on definitions as well as numerous examples." --Gloria Dansby-Giles in Counseling Today No segment of American society has escaped the ravages of substance abuse. Situating his community development model within a multicultural framework, editor Jacob U. Gordon addresses the connection between integration and involvement in the provision of treatment. Managing Multiculturalism in Substance Abuse Services explores conceptual issues, definitions of terms, and historical developments of early intervention and treatment efforts in the field of alcohol and drug abuse. Contributors examine the history, demographics, drug-use patterns, customs, beliefs, and communication styles of the five major racial/cultural groups in America (African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos) in relation to current substance abuse treatment, prevention, and intervention strategies. The works provide diverse applications of a multicultural approach throughout the continuum of alcohol and drug abuse services, addressing such critical issues as maintenance of drug-free schools, program evaluation, and the role of leadership. Finally, major recommendations for change in public policy and in the traditional planning and delivery of services are presented. "There are many stimulating and informative sections in Managing Multiculturalism in Substance Abuse Services and one of the great strengths of this work is the range of issues raised by the contributors. . . .This absorbing volume offers a valuable resource to practitioners, educators, law enforcement officers and policymakers." --Drugs: Education, Prevention, and Policy "This absorbing volume offers students and professionals in the fields of health sciences, drug and alcohol treatment, and ethnic studies a wealth of practical and theoretical information. Although written for American society concerning the effects of substance abuse upon the various ethnic groups in that country, this book is pertinent for other countries composed of groups representing multiple ethnicities and cultures.... This absorbing volume offers a valuable resource to practitioners, educators, law enforcement officers and policy makers." --Journals Oxford Ltd

Michael S Cunningham
Janine Moore Lee
Historical and Theoretical Considerations
Implications for Multiculturalism in Substance Abuse Services

Larry Dyer
Problems of Definition
Jacob U Gordon
African American Perspective
Man Keung Ho
Asian American Perspective
Richard Hayton
European American Perspective
Some Considerations

Fernando I Soriano
The Latino Perspective
A Sociocultural Portrait

Mary Lee Robbins
Native American Perspective
Nelly Ukpokodu
Drug-Free Schools
A Multicultural Education Approach

Edith M Freeman
Multicultural Model for Program Evaluation
Jacob U Gordon
The Role of Leadership in the Substance Abuse Field
Jacob U Gordon

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