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Managing the United Kingdom

Managing the United Kingdom
An Introduction to its Political Economy and Public Policy

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January 1994 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Tightly organized and written in an accessible style, Managing the United Kingdom offers an innovative introduction both to fundamental models of political economy and public policy--and their application to Britain. The editors apply a new framework for the study of British politics and public policy, using three models of coordination central to any analysis of the public and private sectors: markets, hierarchies, and networks. After developing these models, the book examines key areas of the British political economy, analyzing them in relation to the underlying framework. Cases examined include core industries of strategic importance to the economy and the major elements of the public sector. Managing the United Kingdom will be invaluable to students and scholars of political science, public policy, and political economy.

Gillian Peele
Grahame Thompson and Richard Maidment
Jeremy Mitchell
Coordination by Hierarchy
Rosalind Levacic
Markets as Coordinative Devices
Grahame Thompson
Networks Coordination
Richard Maidment
The Communications Industries
Peter Hamilton
Running the Motor Industry
Alan Cawson
High Technology Industries
Chris Hamnett
Running Housing Policy and the British Housing System
Rosalind Levacic
Christopher Pollitt
Allan Cochrane
Local Government
Keith Dowding
Civil Service
Tom Ling
Overview and Conclusion

`The conceptual chapters provide a very useful basis for thinking about particular processess... The chapters on housing, schools and hospitals are particularly interesting because they illustrate attempts to introduce market practices, ever more ingenious but only semi-successful. The comparisons with the USA and Sweden in hospital services are especially instructive.... This is a good book, with clear and balanced expositions of the ways things are going' - West European Politics

`Provides high quality public policy analysis' - Political Studies