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Manufacturing the Employee

Manufacturing the Employee
Management Knowledge from the 19th to 21st Centuries

  • Roy Jacques - Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

February 1996 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
1. Managing for the Next Century--Or the Last? / 2. Evolutionary and Discursive Histories of Knowledge / 3. "Federalist" Reality--The Prehistory of Management / 4. The Demise of a Federalist Reality--The Birth of a Nation / 5. A "New Social Contract"--Industrial Reality, a Problem to Manage Coalescing Conditions of Possibility / 6. The Disciplinary World of L'employé / 7. The Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting: Managerialist Thought as a Conceptual Prison / Index / References

Managing for the Next Century - or the Last?
Evolutionary and Discursive Histories of Knowledge
Federalist Reality
The Pre-History of Management

The Demise of Federalist Reality
`The Birth of a Nation'

A New Social Contract
Industrial Reality, a Problem to Manage

The Disciplinary World of L'employ[ac]e
The Struggle of Memory against Forgetting
Managerialist Thought as a Conceptual Prison


`Roy Jacques has, in this book, produced a most remarkable and fascinating analysis both of the nature of the history of managment knowledge and of episodes within that history. It is a book which could and should be read with pleasure and profit by almost anyone with an interest in management and organizations. It directly, coherently and accessibly challenges much current commonsense about management and to my way of thinking is one of the most important studies of management to have been published.... In sum, I found this a tremendously stimulating and rewarding read which I have recommended to colleagues and to students' - Management Learning (Christopher Grey, University of Leeds

Yet as often as I made margin notes that said "what about..." more often I scribbled "interesting", "intriguing", fascinating" or some other laudatory comment.... Roy Jacques has explained why current practices will not work and why we need to examine our basic premises for studying organizations. Read this book - you may learn something' - Personnel Psychology

'Manufacturing the Employee is an antidote to the one-dimensional view of organisational reality provided by some management texts. Although Jacques is not the first to explore this territory, this book is a useful addition to the debates about the future of organisations and the future of understanding about organisations' - Work, Employment & Society

`Roy Jacques presents a detailed discursive historical analysis of US work organizations and the ways of thinking that have informed their development. Revealing the importance and inseparability of "past", "present" and "future" in the complex processes that constitute organization, he has produced a stimulating and at times provocative text that all those interested in the analysis of workplace processes should read' - David Collinson, University of Warwick

`The book is clearly written, contains welcome and witty debunking of what passes for knowledge in business schools, demonstrates depth and breadth in preparation, and grapples with important.. contemporary issues.' - Reviewing Sociology

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