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Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics
Beyond Clickbaits

  • Anurag Dugar - Associate Professor, Goa Institute of Management, Goa
  • Mani Shreshtha - Assistant Professor, Haryana School of Business, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology Hisar, Haryana

Marketing Theory

July 2022 | 324 pages | SAGE Response
We are in the sales and marketing profession, and we hate number crunching. But we also realize its significance to succeed in this profession. So, we set out to write this book with the aim of making number crunching interesting and simple for sellers and marketers.

If you are a marketing student, professor, freshly minted marketing or sales professional, or a startup founder, and you loathe numbers, this book is meant for you. It will equip you with a set of marketing metrics that you need to know to make important decisions and crack interviews.

You will find only crisp and actionable knowledge in this book and no unnecessary jargons or theories—because just like you we don’t like it either!

Happy Clients Are Repeat Clients: Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Calculating Cu$tomer’s Worth
Who Is Leaving and Who Is Staying?
Are We in the Mind or the Heart of Customer?
Deciphering Break-even Point
Which Market Has More Potential?
Perfect Your Sales Onboarding
Eyes on the Future: Predicting Sales Forecast
Set Goals to Meet Goals
Sales Territory Planning
Who Is Doing Better?
Managing the Product Portfolio
What Value Does a Customer See in Your Product?
How to Forecast Demand for a New Product?
Deciding Price Tags
Hand in Glove: Elasticity and Pricing
Pricing Waterfall
Looking into Channel Partner’s ROI
Successful Channel Partner Selection
Measuring Intermediaries’ Performance
How to Manage Inventory for a Retail Store?
Location Matters: Where to Open a Store?
Advertising Agency’s Pricing
Planning Media for Best Results
Hello! Digital Media
When Click Happens!
Measure the Value of Clicks
Converting Traffic into Sales
Interpreting Web Session
Quantifying Brand’s Worth

Reading the first few pages of Dr Mani Shreshtha and Dr Anurag Dugar’s book, I got hooked. The way they have started each chapter with a case study and then tried to simplify the nuances of the case through the eyes of a marketer is simply awesome. The flow of the book is interactive, which makes it a page turner. Best wishes to both of them, and I hope that they will continue to write more books which help students and practitioners alike.

Lakshman Nagar
Business Director, More Retail Limited, Kolkata

This book is an honest and successful attempt to give practical insights to young budding marketing professionals. I would
encourage all marketing students and professionals to read and absorb practical findings of the book.

Sameer Rinwa
Business Head—International Business, Alliance Insurance Brokers Limited, Mumbai

Marketing is the study of why people do what they do, with the final goal of getting them to do what we want them to do. This book is the right step in that direction. Starting with topics like ‘How do I know my customers are satisfied?’ to pricing strategy and planning for the best media for best results, this book is a must-read for students and practitioners of marketing.
This book is the Holy Grail of marketing—to tell you how to price your product, how to select the right media working for you and how to measure the sales performance of your team. It is a must-read for every marketing enthusiast.

General Manager—QA, V-Mart Retail Limited, Gurugram

It is said that all big ideas are always very simple. Likewise, this thought of coming with a handbook of most common, most frequently needed and most commonly used calculations by marketers of today and aspiring marketers of tomorrow is a brilliant idea. I am very confident that it is going to be a ‘must-have’ in the armamentarium of every marketer. Kudos to the authors of this simple but brilliant idea.

Ashok Saroha
Vice-President—Exports, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Delhi

Marketing has so much to do with numbers, but it is also a creative domain. If you know the models and right tools to play around with numbers, you can reach the pinnacle of marketing in any organization. This book explains the importance of knowing your tools and methods to play around with numbers to come to right marketing models for your business. Being a business/start-up owner myself, where money and resources are hard to come by, we have to be judicious in our planning, be it launching a product/service or deciding which region to launch and how many resources we need to put to pitch our product to the end customer. This book explains all of these well.
Kudos to the authors who have beautifully structured the entire cycle of marketing and beautifully clubbed it with various number models. It is a must-read for all, especially for start-ups which are looking to be the next unicorn.

Prateek Rathi
Founder, Norfest, Hyderabad

Marketing calculations made simple, it is an excellent starter for sales and marketing professionals.

Sumit Mehta
Sr Director, GTM & Ops AMS Europe, Capgemini, Bengaluru

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ISBN: 9789354795138