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Marketing Planning & Strategy

Marketing Planning & Strategy
A Practical Introduction

  • John Dawes - Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia, Australia

October 2021 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

We know how eager you are to learn practical workplace skills at university so that you are “job ready” following graduation. In marketing, one of the most practical things you can learn how to do is create a sound marketing plan. 

This new book guides you concisely through the marketing planning process from start to finish, drawing on examples from large brands like Ikea and Krispy Kreme to digital start-ups like Starling Bank. Features a running case study about a small services business that breaks the marketing plan down into easy to digestible chunks. A dedicated chapter on marketing strategy concepts helps you understand how they link to market, firm or decision-related factors. Self-test questions and scenarios with tasks throughout make for an active learning experience.

Practical in its step-by-step approach and inclusion of activities and scenarios, and written simply whilst still underpinned by marketing strategy scholarship, this book will help you to develop your marketing decision-making throughout by learning key skills such as how to do a SWOT analysis and how to budget and forecast correctly.

Supported by online resources for lecturers including PowerPoint slides, an instructor’s manual and a suggested syllabus.

Preface: why another book on marketing planning and strategy?
Chapter 1: Planning introduction: is it good to do formal planning?
Chapter 2: The front end of a plan
Chapter 3: The internal analysis
Chapter 4: The global environment analysis
Chapter 5: The market environment analysis
Chapter 6: Bringing the analyses together
Chapter 7: Objectives and assumptions
Chapter 8: Marketing strategy
Chapter 9: Marketing program
Chapter 10: Marketing budget
Chapter 11: Key metrics and market research
Chapter 12: How to construct good tables and graphs
Chapter 13: Marketing planning scenarios with tasks
Chapter 14: Marketing planning and ethics
Chapter 15: Prominent strategy models in marketing
Chapter 16: Empirical generalisations
Chapter 17: Management beliefs

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