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Marketing Research

Marketing Research
Planning, Process, Practice

  • Riccardo Benzo - Birbeck College, University of London
  • Marwa G. Mohsen - Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship (MBSC), KAEC, Saudi Arabia
  • Chahid Fourali - London Metropolitan University, UK

January 2018 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Marketing Research outlines the key principles and skills involved at each step of the marketing research process, providing readers with targeted, practical solutions to a range of issues and equipping them with the tools they need to overcome the common pitfalls of designing research projects.

The chapters are arranged into core sections which progress systematically through the marketing research process, starting with designing and setting up research, to undertaking qualitative and quantitative research, and finally, summarizing and reporting research.

To aid students in their research project, each chapter features a collection of learning features, such as:
  • Case studies and international real-world examples
  • Ethics boxes – Highlighting ethical implications in research projects
  • Advanced boxes – Signaling more challenging topics students can return to after they have mastered the basics
  • Activity boxes – Encouraging students to understand how what they have learned applies to their own experiences

The book is complemented by a range of online resources, including PowerPoint slides, multiple choice questions, free online exercise links, and discussion guides for Case Study & Additional Reading sections.

Suitable reading for students who are undertaking a marketing research project.

Part I: Setting Up Marketing Research
Chapter 1: (Introduction) Adding Value with Marketing Research
Chapter 2: Identifying Marketing-Related (Business) Islsues
Chapter 3: Secondary Research: Facts and Theory
Part II: Planning Marketing Research
Chapter 4: Conceptualising Research: From Secondary to Primary Research
Chapter 5: Marketing Research Designs
Chapter 6: Sampling
Part III: Qualitative Research in Marketing
Chapter 7: Qualitative Research Methods: Elements of a Good Design
Chapter 8: Determining a Robust Qualitative Research Approach: Reviewing the Methodological and Data Gathering Options
Chapter 9: The Merits of Mixed Design Research Methodology: Illustration Through Action Research and Case Studies
Chapter 10: From Theory to Practice: Illustrating the Qualitative Research Process
Part IV: Quantitative Research in Marketing
Chapter 11: Hypothesis Building and Testing
Chapter 12: Quantitative Research Methodology
Chapter 13: Questionnaire Design and Data Preparation for Analysis
Chapter 14: Data Analysis Using Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Part V: Reporting Marketing Research
Chapter 15: Discussing Findings, Drawing Recommendations & Conclusions: Writing the Research Report


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  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Additional materials and discussion guides for Case Study & Additional Reading sections
  • Free online exercise links
  • Video links
  • Powerpoint Slides

Marketing Research offers clear guidance for undergraduate and Masters students wishing to undertake a marketing research project. Written in a lively and informative manner and covering both qualitative and quantitative designs, the book supports the student throughout the entire research process from setting up and planning to reporting the findings.

Mark Saunders
Professor of Business Research Methods, University of Birmingham

This textbook offers a fresh perspective on marketing research by using an easy-to-understand language and a wide range of pertinent cases and examples to convey complex concepts. An essential read for every student embarking on the adventures of a research journey!

George Christodoulides
Professor of Marketing and Assistant Dean for Research, Birkbeck, University of London

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: Identifying Marketing-Related (Business) Issues

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