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Marketing - The Retro Revolution

Marketing - The Retro Revolution

First Edition

August 2001 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Has marketing moved from "new and improved" to "as good as always"? Is old the new "new"? Retro-marketing is all around us, whether it be retro-products like the neo-Beetle, retro-scapes, such as Niketown, or retro- advertising campaigns, which make the most of the advertiser's glorious heritage. The rise of retro has led many to conclude that it represents the end of marketing, that it is indicative of inertia, ossification and the waning of creativity. Marketing — The Retro Revolution explains why the opposite is the case, demonstrating that retro-orientation is a harbinger of change and a revolution in marketing thinking. In his engaging and lively style, Stephen Brown shows that the implications of today's retro revolution are much more profound than the existing literature suggests. He argues that just as retro- marketing practitioners are looking to the past for inspiration, so too students, consultants and academics should seek to do likewise. History reveals that new ideas often come wrapped in old packaging. Marketing — The Retro Revolution unwraps this retro- package and, in doing so, offers radically new ideas for the future of the field.

Remembering Marketing
The Future is History

Reviewing Marketing
The Defective Vision of Theodore Levitt

Redeeming Marketing
The Spiritual Side of Trade

Reconfiguring Marketing
The Greatest Sham on Earth

Repositioning Marketing
Ballyhoo's Who

Representing Marketing
The Secret of the Black Magic Box

Replanning Marketing
If Ever a Whiz of a Swiz There Was

Replacing Marketing
Reading Retroscapes

Rebracing Marketing
Yes, We have no Bananaburgers

Revolting Marketing
Gross is Good

Trapping the Substance

Rejuvenating Marketing
The Big Tease


Praise for the author:

'the finest writer in our field today' - Journal of Marketing

'the most devastating critic of the academic discipline of marketing ever likely to be encountered' - Service Industries Journal

'a jewel in the crown of the academic marketing establishment' - Marketing Intelligence and Planning

'remarkably entertaining' - Public Library Journal

'dazzling erudition' - European Journal of Marketing

'instant classic' - Journal of Marketing Management

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ISBN: 9780761968511
ISBN: 9780761968504

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