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Marriage, Migration and Gender

Marriage, Migration and Gender

First Edition
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December 2008 | 364 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This is the final volume in the five volume series on Women and Migration in Asia. The articles in this volume bring a gender-sensitive perspective to bear on aspects of marriage and migration in intra- and transnational contexts.

In particular, the articles consider:
  • How, given specific rules of marriage and (post-marital) residence, the institution of marriage may itself entail women's migration
  • How marriage can be used as an individual and family strategy to facilitate migration, and conversely, how migration may become an important factor in the making of marriages
  • The fluid boundaries between matchmaking and trafficking in the context of migration
  • The political economy of marriage transactions; and finally, more broadly
  • The impact of intra- and transnational migration on the institution of marriage, family relations, and kinship networks
While most of the articles here concern marriage in the context of transnational migration, it is important—given the reality of uneven development within the different countries of the Asian region—to emphasize the overlap and commonality of issues in both intra- and international contexts.

The collection of articles … gives insights into the dynamics and interplay of state regulations and immigration laws on migration, which is an emerging area of interest in recent years with increased restrictions on the movement of the people.

The Book Review

This book talked about the differential experience of man and woman when it comes to leaving behind the familiar and travelling, or being forced to travel, in search of better life. The book explore the troubles, dilemmas and the invisibility of migrant woman in Asia… even explore how marriages and the rules of kindship force woman to migrate…it present the case studies such as the marriage markets in china, the so-called ‘mail-order bribes” from Philippines ,Bangladeshi girls sold for marriages…the book seeks to highlights an important areas.

THE TELEGRAPH, 23 March 2018

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