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Re-inventing Leadership in Uncertain Times

January 2021 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This book helps to answer two important questions—What does it mean to be a leader today and in the future and how can you be the hero of your story and lead in a way that best harnesses the incredible potential of your generation?

This book is for leaders whose decision-making challenges increase as the unknowns multiply. Masterstrokes paves the way to script your leadership narrative, to lead the changing followership, to race towards uncertainty and to create innovative solutions needed to succeed in the surplus economy.

Masterstrokes catalyzes personal transformation and positive leadership through a research backed seven-step model, STROKES, to empower leaders to lead in uncertain times when they are dealing with a rising gig economy, shorter delivery cycles and flatter organizations.

Foreword by Arvind Subramanian
PART I The Problem
The Crashing World of Arjun Raghavan
The Need for a New Leadership Narrative
The Donut Leader / Mirrors and Shadows
The Leader’s Journey: Mapping Your Narrative Arc?
PART II The Journey
Script Your Leadership Narrative
Trigger Your Purpose
Race Towards Uncertainty
Own Your People
Kindle V.I.T.A.L Conversations
Empower Your Entrepreneurs
Scale the Moment
PART III Practicing Leadership
Your Leadership Masterstroke

Journeys get easier when the map is good. The seven-step plan in Masterstrokes is just the roadmap you need to navigate the future in your own leadership journey. Don’t leave home without it!

Prakash Iyer
Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

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ISBN: 9789353887063