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McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel and Om Economics

McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel and Om Economics
Televangelism in Contemporary India

  • Jonathan D James - Adjunct Lecturer, School of Communication and Arts, Edith Cowan University, Australia

© 2010 | 268 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

This book looks at religion in a transnational and global context and presents a systematic account of the methods undertaken by modern day missionaries to convert people.

The author seeks to understand the outworking of the American phenomenon of televangelism in India, in a new historical, cultural, religious, political and economic setting. He likens global televangelism to 'McDonaldization', because of its standardized, 'one size fits all' approach. 'Glocal' televangelism—the fusion of the American and Indian evangelism—is referred to as 'Masala McGospel' because of the overwhelming presence of the global, American grammar and logic in the presentation and style of these programs in India. The author then goes on to show how a disjunction is being created in Hindu televangelism because of such blending of American techniques with the holiness of ancient scriptures, making them subservient to the modern day aspirations of globalization and consumerism.

Foreword Prof Stewart M Hoover
McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel and Om Economics  
Charismatic Televangelism: The Global, Evolving Spirit  
Televangelism in India's Context: Historical and Cultural Issues  
The Construction of Charismatic Televangelism in India  
Hindu Televangelism: The Economics of Orthopraxy  
Interpreting Charismatic Televangelism: Pastors and the Divided Church  
Interpreting Charismatic Televangelism: Hindu Leaders and the Contested Nation  
The Mediation of Charismatic Televangelism  
Faith's Flows, Fragments and Futures  

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