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Measuring Health and Wellbeing

Measuring Health and Wellbeing

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Building on the core competences for public health, this book focuses on key areas of surveillance and assessment of the population's health and wellbeing. It is concerned with assessing and describing the needs, health and wellbeing of specific populations, communities and groups. The authors also look at how to monitor these aspects of public health and explore qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring, analysing and interpreting health and wellbeing, needs and outcomes. Case studies, activities and research summaries are used throughout the book to help the reader understand how to apply theory to practice.
Basic Concepts
Types of Measure
Measures of Health and Wellbeing
Doing a Needs Assessment
Doing a Service Review
Measuring Outcomes
Health Surveillance
Defining the 'So-Whats'
Addressing Inequalities

The value of this book is twofold in the context of a newly defined Framework. First, it brings to life these competencies in a very practical way with theoretical descriptions, case studies, guided activities designed to apply what the reader has learnt and a couple of references to more in-depth material. Second, it is context specific and designed for evidence development for Public Health at a local level in the UK.

Christine Stone
Public Health Practitioner

This is an excellent book for health practitioners preparing UKPHR portfolios. Each chapter is mapped against the skills and career framework, and practitioner standards. The activities, case studies and comments set the framework and standards within a practical context. For those practitioners not preparing portfolios this is a useful book taking students from the meaning of health and wellbeing to the importance of epidemiological evidence to support health improvement initiatives.

Mrs Ruth Hopkins
Health and Human Sciences, Swansea University
June 4, 2015

Easy to read, covers key points for students

Mrs Sarah Roberts
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University
November 17, 2014

Not sufficiently relevant to the politics of health unit at level 6 for adult nurse. However, first chapter Basic concepts provided clear update.

Ms Amanda Hesman
Faculty of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University
September 16, 2014

well laid out book, using common questions as headings: easy to navigate.
Particularly like the progressive nature of the book... starting with definitions of health and wellbeing, defining evidence and progressing to in depth discussions and case studies based on various research methods

Miss Hanna Storey
Sport and Public Services, NEW College Pontefract
June 24, 2014

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