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Media Audience Research

Media Audience Research
A Guide for Professionals

Third Edition
  • Graham Mytton - Independent media research consultant and trainer, Dorking, United Kingdom
  • Peter Diem - Independent media research consultant, Vienna, Austria
  • Piet Hein van Dam - Independent research consultant, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

February 2016 | 300 pages | SAGE India

The only comprehensive training book on conducting research into all forms of media

This book outlines all the methods for conducting research—both active and passive as well as quantitative and qualitative—in all forms of media, including new media such as the Internet, mobile phones and social media. It explains the ways in which media audiences are measured, understood and taken into account in media planning, advertising sales and social development campaigns. It shows how datasets are analysed and used. The statistical theories behind good quantitative research are explained in simple and accessible language.

The book is intended for both media research scholars and practitioners.

History of Media Research
Quantitative Research: Audience Measurement—General Theory and The Basics
Audience and Media Measurement Research Methods in use Today
Quantitative Online Research
Internet Audience Measurement: Passive Methods and Technologies
Qualitative Research
Audience Opinion and Reaction
Desk Research
Data Analysis
Adapting Media Research to Different Cultures

The book by Mytton, Diem and van Dam is a description of the contemporary methods of audience research available to media research scholars and practitioners. The book covers both quantitative (survey design) and qualitative (focus group) methods of media research…the book provides a valuable reference for practitioners and research scholars in this field.

Volume 21 (Issue 1), March 2017

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ISBN: 9789351506430

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