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Media, Culture & Society

Media, Culture & Society
A Critical Reader

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September 1986 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Since its inception in 1979, Media, Culture & Society has published some of the finest theoretical and historical work in communication and cultural studies to emerge from Britain and continental Europe. Such distinguished scholars as Raymond Williams, Pierre Bourdieu, Stuart Hall, and Philip Elliot have contributed articles that have had a profound impact on the fields of political science, sociology, and media studies. The journal has pioneered a unique and refreshing approach to the analysis of the media, offering a stimulating alternative to both the traditional empirical "effects" school and Althuserrian Marxism. Grouped in three parts, the articles in this critical reader represent a cross section of the best work published in Media, Culture & Society. Preceding each article is a useful introductory essay that will enable students to better comprehend the issues discussed. This book will prove to be an invaluable guide to the influential tradition of media studies and a welcome asset both to teachers and students of communication and sociology-of-culture courses. "This valuable book is an anthology of sixteen articles published in the journal Media, Culture, & Society between 1975-1985. There is a great deal more importance in this book than space to discuss it." --The Book Review

Nicholas Garnham
Contribution to a Political Economy of Mass Communication
Stuart Hall
Cultural Studies
Two Paradigms  
John Corner
Codes and Cultural Analysis
Michele Mattelart
Women and the Cultural Industries
Philip Schlesinger
In Search of the Intellectuals
Some Comments on Recent Theory  
Philip Elliot
Intellectuals, the 'Information Society' and the Disappearance of the Public Sphere
Nicholas Garnham and Raymond Williams
Pierre Bourdieu and the Sociology of Culture
An Introduction  
Pierre Bourdieu
The Production of Belief
Contribution to an Economy of Symbolic Goods  
Pierre Bourdieu
The Aristocracy of Culture
Paul Dimaggio
Cultural Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century Boston
The Creation of an Organizational Base for High Culture in America  
Paddy Scannell
Broadcasting and the Politics of Unemployment 1930-1935
David Cardiff
The Serious and the Popular
Aspects of the Evolution of Style in the Radio Talk 1928-1939  
David Chaney
A Symbolic Mirror of Ourselves
Civic Ritual in Mass Society  
Philip Elliot, Graham Murdock and Philip Schlesinger
`Terrorism' and the State
A Case Study of the Discourses of Television  
Richard Collins
Broadband Black Death Cuts Queues. The Information Society and the UK
James Curran
The Impact of Advertising on the British Mass Media

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