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Media Metrics

Media Metrics
An Introduction to Quantitative Research in Mass Communication

First Edition
  • Manoj Dayal - Professor, Department of Communication Management & Technology, Faculty of Media Studies, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar, Haryana
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January 2019 | 544 pages | SAGE Texts

The book is a comprehensive #strong/strong#ntroduction to the application of statistical tools and techniques in media research. 

“Media metrics” is the use of statistics and mathematics in media research. This book largely explains scientific methods of data collection and analysis to achieve useful results from quantitative media data. It effectively describes the crucial relationship between key media forces such as print and electronic media, corporate communication and public relations, advertising, development communication, web and traditional media, and so on. It guides the readers to understanding the challenges of media measurement, its quantification, datafication and assessment, and helps in developing skills of media audience analysis.

Key Features 

· Pioneering introductory text on media metrics, a method of measuring media variables

· Clear and easy-to-understand explanation of descriptive and inferential media variables and their use

· Complete coverage with relevant examples from media studies

· Review exercises, and extensive list of references

· Ideal companion for students and researchers in the fields of mass communication, media studies, communication studies, and journalism

Foreword by Prof. Sanjeev Bhanawat
Foreword by Dr Tabitha Nyaboke Otieno
Media Metrics: A Conceptual Framework
Mathematics in Media Research
Data Processing and Analysis in Mass Communication
Measures of Central Tendency in Media Research
Measures of Dispersion in Media Studies
Measures of Asymmetry in Mass Communication
Measures of Relationship and Other Measures in Media Research
Parametric Testing of Hypothesis in Media Studies
Non-parametric Testing of Hypothesis in Mass Communication
Chi-square Test in Media Research
Analysis of Variance in Media Studies
Multivariate Analysis Techniques in Mass Communication
Report Writing in Quantitative Media Research
Computer Applications in Quantitative Media Studies
Statistical Value Tables
Answers to Questions and Problems


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