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Media Studies

Media Studies
Key Issues and Debates

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July 2007 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"The topics covered show a fine awareness of the media's roles in advanced consumer societies, and the book offers student excellent tools with which to critically analyze those roles."
Stephen Crofts, Media International Australia
"Eoin Devereux has successfully brought together chapters that investigate the media in their social context and that focus either on the production, content, or reception of media texts, a theme already elaborated in a previous publication, 'Understanding the Media' (Second Edition re-published by SAGE in 2007)."

Bringing together a range of renowned and newly emerging scholars in the field, including a Preface by Denis McQuail, this book examines eighteen key issues within contemporary media studies. Written in an accessible student-friendly style, Media Studies: Key Issues and Debates is an authoritative landmark text for undergraduate students and teachers alike. Each chapter begins with a concise definition of the concept(s) under investigation, followed by a discussion of the current state of play within research on the specific area. Chapters contain case-studies and illustrative materials from Europe, North America, Australia, and beyond. Each chapter concludes with annotated notes, which guide readers in terms of future study.

Written for undergraduate courses in media and communications and cultural studies; vocationally specific courses such as journalism and PR, as well as for students taking media as part of a wider social science or arts program.

Natalie Fenton
Bridging The Mythical Divide
Political Economy and Cultural Studies Approaches to the Analysis of Media

Croteau & Hoynes
The Media Industry
Structure, Strategy and Debates

Michael J Breen
Mass Media & New Media Techologies
Philippa Smith & Allan Bell
Unravelling the Web of Discourse Analysis
Greg Philo
News Content Studies, Media Group methods and Discourse Analysis
A Comparison of Approaches

Jenny Kitzinger
Framing & Frame Analysis
Amanda Hoynes
Mass Media Re-Presentations of the Social World
Ethnicity and Race

Joke Hermes
Media Representations of Social Structure

John Corner
Media, Power and Political Culture
Pamela J. Shoemaker
Proximity and Scope as News Values
Peter Hughes
Text and Textual Analysis
Kim Akass & Janet McCabe
Analysing Fictional Television Genres
Sonia Livingstone
From Family Television To Bedroom Culture
Young People's Media at Home

Jeroen de Kloet & Lisbet van Zoonen
Fan Culture
Performing Difference

Kevin Howley
Community Media & The Public Sphere
Karim H. Karim
Media and Diaspora

"The topics covered show a fine awareness of the media's roles in advanced consumer societies, and the book offers student excellent tools with which to critically analyze those roles."

Stephen Crofts
University of Queensland
Media International Australia

The content enhance critical thinking of contemporary media scholars

Dr Memory Mabika
Communication and Applied Language Studies, University of Venda
June 14, 2019

This is a comprehensive book that contains critical evaluations and analysis of several theories and concepts that are very relevant to media and communication studies.

Dr Ahmed Al-Rawi
Department of Media and Culture, Erasmus University Rotterdam
June 28, 2012

Very good and clear book. Essential for both tutors and students. Very updated for the ever changing interests of undergrads.

Mr Michael Mahadeo
Dept of Sociology & Appl'd Soc Studies, Ulster University
May 9, 2012

An excellent range of chapters on key debates and themes in media studies; an accessible text for undergraduates.

Dr Sarita Malik
Mass Communications , Brunel University
March 13, 2012

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