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Mental Health Policy and Practice Today

Mental Health Policy and Practice Today

February 1997 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Mental Health Policy and Practice Today is the only textbook available in recent years that reflects the dynamic nature of mental health practice in todayÆs rapidly changing society. This book begins with an overview of societal and cost issues related to mental health problems, including the formats now used for mental health delivery and the public planning and agencies involved. It then focuses on the expanding base of knowledge in mental health. Important areas of neuroscientific and social research are covered, along with the significant contributions of pychoeducation and self-help and advocacy groups. Ten groups are specifically discussed including the homeless, whose numbers have risen to crisis proportions in recent years in part due to their mass expulsion from institutional care. It then guides the reader through implications for the 21st century, including the influences of technology and funding shifts to managed care. Finally it concludes with an exploration of issues that will need to be resolved based on the analysis of current policy, practice, and future projections. Readers will appreciate the multiple perspectives of this book and the blending of contributorsÆ expertise in both research and service "in the trenches." The broad spectrum of topics covered makes this book not only an effective text for traditional and specialized courses in the mental health professions, but also an informative and stimulating resource for the current practitioner. It is an essential, timely book that illustrates that policy and practice in the mental health fields must be reconciled.

Michael M Faenza
James W Callicutt
Overview of the Field of Mental Health
Vikki L Vandiver
Institutional versus Community Approaches to the Provision of Mental Health Services
James I Martin
Political Aspects of Mental Health Treatment
Brian D Shannon
The Impact of the Courts on Mental Health Policy and Services
James W Callicutt and David H Price
The Professionals and Their Preparation

William H Wilson
Neuroscientific Research in Mental Health
David W Millard
Research into Social Factors in Mental Illness
Cassandra Simon
A Contemporary Approach

Ted R Watkins and James W Callicutt
Self-Help and Advocacy Groups in Mental Health
Muriel Yu
Mental Health Services to Immigrants and Refugees
R Duane Hopson and Ted R Watkins
Current Perspectives on the Homeless Mentally Ill
Vikki L Vandiver
Services to the Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill
David H Price
Mental Health Services to America's Veterans
John S McNeil and Robin Kennedy
Mental Health Services to Minority Groups of Color
Theresa Bruno Mulloy
Women as Mental Health Service Recipients and Providers
Christian E Molidor
Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Inpatient and Outpatient Mental Health Issues

John S McNeil and Robert L Canon
Mental Health Services to Older Adults
Charles Turnbo and Donald W Murray Jr
The State of Mental Health Services to Criminal Offenders
Ted R Watkins
Mental Health Services to Substance Abusers
Albert D Farrell
The Influence of Technology on Mental Health Services
E Clarke Ross and Collette Croze
Mental Health Service Delivery in the Age of Managed Care
James W Callicutt and Ted R Watkins
Looking Ahead
Issues To Be Resolved


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