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Microfinance India

Microfinance India
The Social Performance Report 2012

First Edition
  • Girija Srinivasan - International Consultant, Development Finance and Rural Livelihoods

SAGE Impact

December 2012 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Microfinance India: The Social Performance Report is an account of the developments in responsible finance and social performance space in India. The report captures the essence of policy, strategy and practice elements of social performance in the sector.

The Social Performance Report 2012 talks about the different approaches of stakeholders to the issue of improving customer protection and increasing the focus of the sector on customer welfare. It evaluates the existing products and documents the new products that are being tested or mainstreamed, which will meet the demand of customers to a greater extent.

The report highlights the role of lenders and investors and the need for their participation in institutionalizing responsible finance practices. It takes stock of the impact of microfinance and provides insights into what microfinance institutions measure, review and use to redesign their business models in relation to responsible finance. The report looks at the changes that have taken place, the changes that are necessary and the need for stakeholder collaboration to ensure customer welfare.

Foreword Radhika Agashe Radhika Agashe
Overview-Finally Customers at the Core  
Governance and Social Performance  
Do Products Promote Responsible Finance?  
Beyond the Business of Finance  
Fair Treatment of Clients, Code of Conduct and Institutional Response-Intense Scrutiny?  
Lenders, Investors and Donors-Are They Responsible?  
Outreach-Are the Needy Served?  
Community-owned Institutions and Member-centric Services  
Outcomes and Impact of Microfinance  
Section 1: Do MFIs Track their Business Outcomes and Impact on Customers?  
Section 2: The Voices of Mature Clients  
Future is About Balance-Everywhere  
Technical Partners  

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