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Multiple Meanings of Money

Multiple Meanings of Money
How Women See Microfinance

First Edition

October 2009 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Multiple Meanings of Money: How Women See Microfinance analyses what microfinance and money mean to women; focusing on the perspectives of individual women and of women-only groups. It explores women’s money management strategies, group dynamics and learning processes in groups. It discusses the divergence in the perspectives of external intervening agencies and those of women who are members of self-help groups (SHGs). Based on case studies and participatory research methods, the discourse spans issues from macro to micro level and focuses on women as agents of change in their own livelihoods.

The book will be an asset for professionals working in the sectors of microfinance and gender issues, as well as for policy makers. It will be equally useful for those studying and engaged in social work.

Interpreting Multiple Meanings of Money
Poverty in India and Role of Microfinance
Livelihoods Context
Use of Money by Individuals and Groups
Use of Money by Groups and Group Dynamics
Conclusions and Reflections

An interesting composition of detailed evidences in the form of case studies of individuals and the self-help groups (SHG) and monographs… the book concludes that microfinance can bring about a social change with a few moderations and changes in the terms and conditions in the extension of credit facilities, taking into account the person’s social and economic status.

The Book Review

This book analyses what microfinance and money mean to women. In doing so, it focuses on the per­spectives of individual women and those in groups. Based on case studies and participatory research methods, it explores women's money management strategies, group dynamics and learning processes…. Professionals working in micro finance and gender issues, and policy makers, will find the book enriching.

Civil Society

In this book, Smita Premchander, with her sustained grassroots understanding, has done a commendable job of delving into women`s life experiences and elaborating the meanings of money from their perspectives.

The book takes a feminist approach, as it questions the benefits and costs of development programmes for women…Money is a social relationship. It is a continued relationship of mutual trust. This book succinctly elaborates how relationships of trust are built, based on mutual respect. On the contrary, when women are seen merely as beneficiaries or clients, no relationships are formed and there is no possibility of empowerment.

Elaben Bhatt
founder of India`s Self-Employed Women`s Association (SEWA)

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ISBN: 9788132101697

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