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Mythbusting for Trainee Teachers

Mythbusting for Trainee Teachers

June 2020 | 184 pages | Learning Matters

Teaching and education are awash with myths.  This book explores some of them for trainee teachers and asks:

-        Where does this myth come from? 

-        How do we know that it isn’t true? 

-        Why does it matter that we challenge it?

Every chapter poses a few common myths within that area and explores what the research actually says. 

Using research as a basis to explore what it true and what is false, it gives trainee teachers a much more informed understanding and encourages important discussions about teaching and learning.

Child development
How children learn
Praise and rewards
Mental Health
Teaching Assistants
Ability Grouping
Re-reading and highlighting
Structuring lessons
Behaviour management
Mastery approaches
Play-based learning in the early years

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